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Kindness is an ego-attitude, it strengthens your ego. When you are kind to somebody, you feel the upper hand. When you are 39 CHAPTER 3. AND THE SKY ABIDES kind to somebody there is a deep insult – you are humiliating the other, you are feeling happy in his humiliation. That’s why kindness can never be forgiven. Whomsoever you have been kind to will remain somehow somewhere angry with you, is bound to take revenge. Because kindness is only on the surface as compassion, but deep in the depth it has nothing to do with compassion.

A man of compassion is tremendously intelligent, but he is not an intellectual. He can see through and through, he has absolute vision, he has real eyes to see, nothing is hidden to him – but it is not guesswork. It is not through logic, it is not through inference, it is through clear eyesight. Remember it: the man of compassion is not unintelligent, but he is non-intellectual. He is tremendous intelligence, he is the very embodiment of intelligence. He is pure radiance. He knows – but he does not think.

Jenny confessed at last. ’I’m so afraid I am a goat, and so I’ll never go to heaven. ’ Zen: The Path of Paradox, Vol 2 36 Osho CHAPTER 2. SELLING WATER BY THE RIVER ’My dear,’ the mother assured her weeping child, ’you’re a sweet little lamb. ’ Her words were successful in quieting the little girl, and she slept. ’ Jenny, however, was by no means comforted, and continued her sobs. ’Yes, Mamma,’ she declared softly, ’I know that. ’ From one problem to another... but the basic problem remains This is not the way to solve problems – one has to look at the very root from where the problems arise.

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