By Beth Williamson

ISBN-10: 1596322918

ISBN-13: 9781596322912

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It was Wednesday afternoon and almost time for the team competition in the tournament. Veronica pulled her bowling ball out of the trunk of her car and hurried inside. She was late and knewBabs would be on her about it. More than likely, Marlene had been practicing for an hour already. The last three days, she’d practiced each afternoon with Patrice. Twice they even had lunch together beforehand. Veronica was getting to really know Patrice and knew that her decision had been the right one.

And writing off the ten thousand dollars you lost in Vegas on your girls’ weekend as a business expense? Please don’t even bother to try to explain that. You don’t even have a job, so you can’t possibly have business expenses. Your so-called travel journal? ” “Just because it’s not published doesn’t mean I didn’t write anything,” Melissa whined. “I said, don’t interrupt! You were disrespectful to my friend Patrice and to me. Whom I choose to like or kiss is none of your damn business, and I don’t appreciate you judging me.

It rang twice before Patrice’s voicemail answered. “Hi, this is Patrice. I’m either on the phone or in the studio. ” Beep. Veronica pressed End. Coward. She didn’t know what to say, truthbe told. What could she say? ” That was lame and leaving it on her voicemail was even lamer. Patrice deserved respect not bullshit. Veronica stood there staring at her phone, trying to figure out a way to make it up to Patrice, how to salvage the mess she made of things. Inspiration struck, and she dashed into the bedroom to get dressed and dry her hair and plan what she wanted to do.

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Widow's Weeds by Beth Williamson

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