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Alexander P. Kazhdan's The Oxford dictionary of Byzantium, Volumes 1 PDF

The Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium is a three-volume, accomplished dictionary of Byzantine civilization. the 1st source of its type within the box, it beneficial properties over 5,000 entries written via a world workforce of eminent Byzantinists protecting all facets of existence within the Byzantine global. in accordance with Alexander Kazhdan, editor-in-chief of the Dictionary: "Entries on patriarchy and emperors will coexist with entries on surgical procedure and musical tools.

Get The Routledge Spanish Bilingual Dictionary of Psychology and PDF

The Routledge Spanish Bilingual Dictionary of Psychology and Psychiatry includes over 100,000 entries making this the main entire and up to date dictionary of its style. The Dictionary presents concise, complete and present insurance of each be aware or word utilized in the learn and perform of psychiatry and psychology.

Read e-book online Emerging Technologies for Food Processing, Second Edition PDF

The second one version of rising applied sciences in nutrition Processing provides crucial, authoritative, and entire literature and study facts from the previous ten years. it's a entire source providing the newest technological options in meals processing at the present time, and contains very important info in examine and improvement for the foodstuff processing undefined.

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Brachycephalic. See cephalic. bromide. See bromidic. bromidic (broh-MID-ik) From American bromide, meaning “a platitude,” + -ic, a suffix that forms an adjective of other parts of speech; thus, for example, poet + -ic = poetic. trite; platitudinous. ” Related words: bromide (BROH-mid) noun; bromidically (brohMID-i-ke-lee) adverb. bulimia. See bulimic. ” Also given as bulimiac (byoo-LIM-ee-ak). affected by uncontrollable pathological craving for food. ” Related word: bulimia (byoo-LIM-ee-e) noun.

Related words: calumniously (ke-LUM-nee-es-lee) adverb; calumniatory (ke-LUM-nee-e-tor-ee) adjective; calumny (KAL-em-nee), calumniation (ke-lum-nee-AY-shen), and calumniator (ke-LUMnee-ay-ter) all nouns; calumniate (ke-LUM-nee-ayt) verb. campestral (kam-PES-trel) From Latin campestris, meaning “flat”; from campus, meaning “field” + -estris, an adjectival suffix. rural; rustic; pertaining to fields or open country. ” 1. of Cambridge, England; or of Cambridge University. ” 2. of Cambridge, Massachusetts; or of Harvard University.

2. unceasing; incessant; always; perpetual. ” Related words: continually (ken-TIN-yoo-e-lee) adverb; continuable (ken-TIN-yoo-e-bel) adjective; continuality (ken-tin-yoo-AL-i-tee), continuance (ken-TIN-yoo-ens), continuation (ken-tin-yoo-AYshen), and continualness (ken-TIN-yoo-el-nis) all nouns; continue (ken-TIN-yoo) verb. ” Golden Adjectives Coriaceous / 39 The English adjective is also given as continued (ken-TIN-yood) and continual. Continuous. ” 1. ceaseless; uninterrupted in time. ” 2. unbroken; never ending.

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