By Olmes Bisi

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Mild phenomena have intrigued humankind considering the fact that prehistory. think about the rainbow, a sundown at the sea, a video game of shadows. people have consistently used gentle for his or her personal wishes, from cooking nutrition to illuminating a room.

However, gentle is not just constrained to what we will be able to see with our eyes. The invisible a part of the electromagnetic spectrum is vast and dynamic. This booklet outlines the mysteries and wonders of electromagnetism, warmth, and lightweight. It additionally covers the heritage of our medical knowing of light.

The darkish in addition to the intense aspects of sunshine are absolutely explored in those pages, from their effect on our international to their use in state-of-the-art applied sciences in various fields. quite a few full-color photos and drawings supplement the textual content, and light-weight phenomena are defined in an easy and interesting manner.

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Röntgen shut himself in his laboratory for 6 weeks and eventually solved the riddle. The cathode rays hitting the glass generated a new type of radiation that can pass through solid objects, like the box isolating the tube. The new rays, mysterious at the time and so called X-rays, were able to pass through many substances. Since the soft parts of the human body were transparent to these rays, while metals and bones appeared opaque, these rays, being able to leave a trace on photographic plates, made it possible to ‘photograph’ the denser parts inside the human body (Figs.

Only in 1606 did the Dutch astronomer Willebrord Snellius carry out the first modern measurements, the results of which accorded with those reached by Eratosthenes. The History of Light 9 Christopher Columbus (1451–1506) based his project to reach the Indies on the false estimate of Posidonius, which was adopted by Ptolemy, According to his original itinerary, sailing west from Portugal would reach Asia after covering a much lesser distance than the actual one. Astronomical Computations In 1902, near Antikythera, a small Greek island located in the southern Peloponnese, a stone block was found with a gear mechanism inside.

During the first demonstration, the N-rays were directed towards an electrical spark, the brightness of which should have increased. Wood saw no effect and was told that his eyes were not sensitive enough. Subsequently, several photographs were presented showing the brightness of the spark, with and without N-rays, but Wood verified that they were unreliable, as they were produced in conditions given to cause various errors (Fig. 29). Finally, the decisive proof was presented to him. The rays were generated in a tube, then deflected by an aluminum prism towards a thin fluorescent wire that glowed slightly when it was hit by them.

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