By P.V. Bapat

This comparative learn explores the relation among the Vimuttimagga and Visuddhimagga, the trail of Freedom and the trail of Purification, either classical meditation manuals of the Theravada culture. The Vimuttimagga, extant as a complete in basic terms in a chinese language translation, and in part in Tibetan quotations, is usually considered as the predecessor of the Visuddhimagga. even though either manuals are Abhidhammic common, the Vimuttimagga is simpler and concise while the Visuddhimagga is extra scholarly and complicated. This research, first released in 1937, is if you want to learn the similarities and variations among the 2 works. P. V. Bapat, Ph.D (Harvard), used to be Professor of historical Indian tradition, Pali, and Buddhism at Poona collage. in addition to making variations of Pali texts, he translated into English the Shan-chien-p`i-p`o-sha, the chinese language model the of Samantapa-sa-dika-, in collaboration with A. Hirakawa

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P. 95. 6. ee Dem. iii. p. 1021. 8. p. 48. 4. P. 123. 6. Trellckner'a ed. p. 26:3. :6ggaUi.. 2nd trance, 4 angas: 8ampaJcida, pHi, ,ukha. ta 3rd trance, [) angaa: upekkhil. lati, Jampajaihla, Jukha and ekaggaJ,d. 4th trance, 3 angaa: vpekkhii, lati and ekaggatd. Thia kind 01 classification is abo found in Vibhanga 257·61. st· trance, where it give!! four instead of three. 1. H e dOe! not even give any aection on I ndriyoa as Buddllaghosa gives io XVLl·12. seven dhammas' which are the same as the thirty·seven factors of enlightenment (bodhi-pakkhiya.

We bave also observed thnt in spite of some correspondences due to the cowmon material which is drawn upon by ooth of them, Upatissa has 60me peculiar doctrinal points, which are quite distinct from those held by Buddhaghosa. In fact , Buddh9-ghm:a is definitely opposed to several of those poinUi. It bas been seen that along with these differences in doctrinal points, there is also a difference ill the. tion of SOUle words and in the treatment of some topics. Upatissa's interpretations are simpler and more natural than Buddhaghosa's and often .

Nor do thl1,. agree with tbt lile-p01riodi gil'"en by Vuubandhu In hiS AbbidharlllBkw. J. VDfUTTIMAGGA n:l1'i According to Upatissa According to Abhs. &. Vbh. ni1pago. tantipaga 84,000 84,000 While explaining the annssatis, Upatissa uplains or defines the subject of eroch of the anussntis. ' He explains the word Dllamma. as Nibbl:lna and the Way to Nibbona. His u:planation of Nibbiina is the cessation of all activities (,ankhdrd), abandoment of all ddilementa, cessation of craving, dispassionateness and calmness.

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