By Galen Grimes

ISBN-10: 0672313405

ISBN-13: 9780672313400

Sams educate your self Upgrading and Repairing in 24 Hours is the quick, effortless and powerful method for shoppers to determine find out how to improve, whilst to fix and the fundamentals of including all these bells and whistles that make possessing your individual notebook so appeali -The quick and straightforward option to improve and fasten your computing device your self saving time, cash and bother -More pages on upgrading and repairing for a greater fee than the other name together with sensible info on customer peripherals, reminiscence and different tough matters -Follows the powerful Samsf train your self structure with 24 simply comprehensible classes and a step by step method of instructing your self the best way to accomplish the duty to hand

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Interrupts are signals that various devices use to gain the attention of your CPU when they need processing time. • Disk drives • IDE/SCSI devices and configurations New Term:IDE and SCSI are interfaces for connecting disk drives of various types to your PC. IDE stands for Integrated Drive Electronics and is an interface that enables up to 2 devices to be attached to each port. IDE enables data to pass to its connected devices at the rate of 2 MB/sec. SCSI stands for Small Computer System Interface and enables you to connect up to seven devices to the interface.

If you have a Pentium-class (Pentium, Pentium Pro, or Pentium II CPU) computer or better, then you should concentrate on examining and upgrading those components in your computer that might be adversely affecting your PC's performance. If you are not sure which components in your computer might be adversely affecting its performance, by the time you complete this book you will know for sure. Pentium-class computers are computers equipped with either a Pentium, Pentium Pro, or Pentium II CPU. These are all microprocessors that have been manufactured in the last two years and constitute the current highend of Intel Corporation's microprocessor line.

SCSI stands for Small Computer System Interface and enables you to connect up to seven devices to the interface. Since the original SCSI standard was released it has been updated several times and now includes SCSI-2, SCSI-3, and can achieve data transfer speeds up to 40 MB/sec. • Video information • Memory usage and configuration • Network information (if one is present) • CMOS information New Term: CMOS stands for Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor, which is a type of memory that can hold its contents using a very low electrical current.

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