By Wilson L. Walker

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Bargains sound suggestion on getting ready for development inside ultra-modern leaner military.

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The main reason you want to hold on to your statements is, one day you may have to talk to someone about getting promoted and your statements will show the good job you have been doing. If for some reason you get into some kind of trouble, most commanders will ask about your Page 9 job performance. If you are ever faced with an Article 15, you have the right to show your statements to your commander. You want to always get good statements because if you get bad ones your boss can use them against you.

No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission of the publisher: IMPACT PUBLICATIONS, 9201-N Manassas Drive, Manassas Park, VA 22111, Tel. 703/361-7300. ¡cm. Includes¡index. ¡Title. 0023´73-dc20 93-18015 CIP Page iii Contents Acknowledgements vi Preface vii Chapter One How to Prepare For Promotion 1 Moving Up 2 Self-Confidence and Faith 3 Attitude and Motivation 3 Follow Orders 5 Be On Time 7 Secure Performance Statements 8 Be Your Best On Guard Duty 9 Face-to-Face With Superiors 10 Speak With Authority 12 Test Your Military Knowledge 12 Tips On Making Top Soldier on Guard Duty 15 Care For Your Equipment 16 Your Military Bearing 21 Attitude 25 Learn Your Job 25 Score High On Your Physical Fitness Test 27 Watch Your Weight 28 Score 100 Percent on Your Skill Qualification Test 28 Know Your Weapon 30 Learn From Others 31 Practice Soldier Care 33 Page iv Chapter Two How to Find Out If You Are Eligible 36 Time in Service and Grade 36 Physical Fitness Test 39 Weapons Qualifications 41 Height and Weight 41 Promotion Points 42 Security Clearances 42 Promotion Recommendations 42 Waivers 43 Leadership Schooling 44 Civilian Education 44 Alcohol and Drug Prevention and Control Program 45 Chapter Three How to Get Promotion Points 46 Skill Qualification Test 48 Duty Performance 49 Military Education 49 Civilian Education 51 Military Training 51 Awards and Decorations 52 Promotion Board 52 Chapter Four How to Prepare For the Promotion Board 57 Learn About Board Members 58 Make a Study Guide 61 Check Your Record 62 Study Your Promotion Guide 63 Prepare Your Uniform 63 Request a Pre-Board 64 Chapter Five How to Conduct Yourself During Board Procedures 66 Dress in Accordance With AR670-1 66 Become Knowledgeable About Board Members 68 Page v Know Basic Soldiering 68 Express Yourself Well 68 Show Respect For the Board Members' Rank 69 Depart Correctly 69 Chapter Six How to Prepare For E-7, E-8 and E-9 Promotions 71 Check Your Records 71 Double Check Your NCOER 72 Make a Photo 74 Send a Letter to the Board President 74 Chapter Seven Promotion to E-7, E-8 and E-9 76 Eligibility For Promotion 76 Written Communication 77 Selection Board Results 78 Effective Date of Rank 78 Acceptance 79 Appendix 80 How to Visualize 80 How to Spit Shine Boots 85 How to Set Up Your Wall Locker 91 How to Sell Yourself 98 Chain of Command 105 Support Chain of Command 105 Other VIP's in Chain of Command 106 Index 107 About the Author 110 Career Resources 111 Page vi Acknowledgements My thanks to all the men and women in military uniforms, all over the world.

If you become an instructor, some of the soldiers you teach may work for you someday or, someday, you may work for them. Either way, they will know that you are good at your job and this can help you get promoted. Job performance is very important. Be the best or among the best! Know Your Weapon Become an expert with your weapon. Your basic weapon will be your main protection if you are called to war. Become an expert with your weapon and you may survive. The way to become an expert is to: Take care of your weapon.

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