By Dawn Ades, Simon Baker, Fiona Bradley

ISBN-10: 0262012308

ISBN-13: 9780262012300

Within the Paris artwork international of the Twenties, Georges Bataille and his magazine files represented a dissident department of surrealism. Bataille--poet, thinker, author, and self-styled "enemy inside" surrealism--used records to place paintings into violent disagreement with pop culture, ethnography, movie, and archaeology. Undercover Surrealism, taking the visible richness of files as its beginning aspect, recovers the explosive and important highbrow context of works by way of Picasso, Dal?, Mir?, Giacometti, and others in Nineteen Twenties Paris. that includes one hundred eighty colour photographs and translations of unique texts from files observed through essays and shorter descriptive texts, Undercover Surrealism recreates and recontextualizes Bataille's nonetheless unsettling method of tradition. placing Picasso's 3 Dancers again into its unique context of intercourse, sacrifice, and violence, for instance, then juxtaposing it with photographs of gang wars, tribal mask, voodoo ritual, Hollywood musicals, and jazz, makes the urgency and pleasure of Bataille's radical rules startlingly vibrant to a twenty-first-century reader.Copublished by means of Hayward Gallery Publishing, London

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R8o-r8r), whose female dancers seem to glow white against a black backdrop. This is set above a photograph of a row of black children VARIETY 69 standing to attention in a line that descends in height order and ends with a man in a military uniform, captioned 'school children, Bacouya, Bourail'. It is lilwood Revue qf rg29 (cat.

In that sense, his aesthetic reflection on African art was more and more affected by the white shadows cast on it by the political dimension of colonialism. ' 3 The conflicts that eventually developed between Einstein and the younger editorial and publishing team, which month after month regrouped around Bataille, probably sprang not from a tension internal to 'Ethnography' but from a disjunction between 'Ethnography' and 'Varietes' (Variety), the new rubric that was substituted for 'Doctrines' on the cover of the fourth issue of the journal.

Hainaucl and R. Kaehr (eels), Le mal ct Ia douleur, pp. 45-79. 2 5. 1929. 3 'Musee d'Ethnographie du Trocacl<'ro', 4 The earliest piece of archival material related to DOCUMENTS seems to be a I, 1929. H. Kiefe1; 'Die Ethnologisierung des kunstkritischen Diskurses- Carl Einstein's Beitrag zu 0onunents\ in H. ), Elan vita{ 1 64 ESSAYS 5 odcr dasAugc dts Eros). Conorjoyce dates the letter from August 1928 (C. com, 2003, p. list to which should be added the photograph of the Black Birds on the deck of the 222).

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