By Jens Braarvig; Fredrik Liland

A variety from the centrepiece of the Buddhist assortment - a few 5,000 leaves and fragments, with round 7,000 micro-fragments from a library of initially as much as 1,000 manuscripts present in caves in Bamiyan, Afghanistan

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An iron vat with oil … after building a pyre of (all*) fragrant [woods], they burned the body of King Mahāsudarśana. ] “… Then [shortly] after he died, King Mahāsudarśana was born among the Brahma group of gods. Immediately … [horse-]jewel died. The dharma-palace disappeared. The dharma-lotus pond disappeared. All the golden … disappeared. In the capital city of Kuśāvatī, O Ānanda, the walls made of seven jewels disappeared. ] … got up from (his) seat; to Venerable Ānanda … 1 BMSC vol. I, 245-248; depicted on pages 6-7.

Vikāla (roaming around at inappropriate times), 3. pāpamitra (bad companionship), 4. dyūta (compulsive gambling), 5. mahāsamāja (habitual partying), and 6. ālasya (laziness). Transliteration, verso 1 /// + gītaṃ kahi vādi[t]aṃ kahi kumbhaṃtuṇā kahi pāṇisv 2 /// .. kho pun ime gr̥hapatiputrā ādīnavā ālasyakosidye ve 3 /// [t]i atiuṣṇaṃ ti {{.. [i]vā ca svapnaṃ paricāryaṃ kāle pāpāni mitrāṇi kad 14 Śikhālakasūtra varā kahi śobhikānagarāṇi tasya evaṃ ratikr̥[ḍ]yānuyoga edayitavya katame ṣaṭ* iha gr̥hapa to smīti karmaṃ na karoti atyāśito ti karmaṃ na karoti tasye aṃ gachati ime gr̥hapatiputrā ṣa ādīnavā alasyakosi daryatā caṃ ete pi sthānā puruṣa dhvasaṃyaṃti + + + 15 2 Mahāyāna Sūtra Later Discourses Mahāyāna Sūtra Aṣṭasāhasrikāprajñāpāramitā Buddhist Manuscripts in the Schøyen Collection vol.

As “Siddham” script it still exists in China and Japan. One variety written with straight lines was introduced into the region under discussion, which was named “Protośāradā”, because it is a predecessor of the “Śāradā” script of Kashmir, or “Gilgit/ Bāmiyān, Type II” according to their main finding spots. All manuscripts from the region under discussion are written on the local birch bark. In the catalogue they are represented by the remains of Mātṛceṭa’s Varṇārhavarṇa (p. 78-81), and Āryaśūra’s Jātakamālā (p.

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