By Victor Appleton II

In his distinctive invention the sea Arrow, an "underwater helicopter," Tom rapid Jr. embarks on a precarious look for a misplaced rocket from space.The rocket, containing proof of dwelling issues on one other planet, used to be directed to speedy organizations for clinical examine. yet its direction was once mysteriously replaced whereas the rocket used to be hurtling towards earth--and its touchdown web site is unknown!Tom suspects that the rocket lies underwater, someplace off the coast of South the USA, followed by way of his pals, Bud Barclay and Chow Winkler, and professional oceanographers, the younger inventor units out in his diving seacopter to find the rocket.But a gaggle of unethical scientists have exposed a clue to this helpful treasure from area. of their personal undersea craft, they struggle to thwart Tom in his try to declare the rocket which rightfully belongs to rapid Enterprises.Unexpected hazards confront the quick day trip each mile of the seraph for the clinical prize. whilst the sea Arrow is trapped in a crushing, underwater landslide, Tom and his partners approximately lose their lives. How they triumph over subocean dangers, in addition to their crafty enemies, makes the most interesting tales so far within the Tom speedy Jr. sequence.

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In a matter of seconds the airfield lay far below them. Soon the whole island was a mere brownish patch on the heaving green surface of the ocean. " Chow exclaimed. " He pointed to the Flying Lab, which was following at the same height. Leveling off at ten thousand feet, Tom cut in the forward jets. With a burst of speed that pinned them back against their seats, the seacopter streaked forward through the sky. " gasped Bud. " "Now I'll put 'er through a few paces," remarked Tom. Soon the seacopter was turning, backing, soaring, swooping, and performing a dozen other maneuvers that left Chow and Bud breathless with amazement.

Minutes went by as they wound among the beetling rock walls. Presently the cleft widened. Bud grabbed his pal by th'e arm. " Ahead, in the glare of their searchlight, lay a pillared temple! Excitement was so intense among the voyagers that no one spoke. All had their eyes glued to the windows. Slowly Tom swiveled the searchlight. As the yellow beam swept over the area, other structures became visible. Though heavily crusted with barnacles and other sea growths, there was no doubt about their true nature-once upon a time they had been buildings constructed by human beings!

The cannibal fish had picked up the trail of the shark's blood and were now heading in for a feast. Unless Red Jones could be pulled out of the weeds rapidly, he too might become their victim! Seizing their paddles, Tom and Bud sent the canoe flying to the rescue. There was not a second to spare! As the piranha fastened greedily on the floating shark, Tom whipped out a knife and slashed Red Jones free from the weeds. A moment later the frightened crewman was safe aboard the canoe. " gasped Red weakly.

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