By Nishant Shat & Fieke Jansen

ISBN-10: 819223200X

ISBN-13: 9788192232003

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In other words these young people are being threatened and cajoled into refraining from illegal activity by policy-makers and media owners, to no avail. The research though, inadvertently reveals a subtext of British digital natives operating within their own set of values. They want to own their music, not stream it. They will download and share illegally, because they should not have to pay for the privilege, but they will simultaneously be prepared to buy a CD for their own collection, because owning the music is paramount.

Are we non-digital natives affording other digital natives the same opportunity to be heard, if we don’t find the context meaningful? Because make no mistake: Digital natives, in both the North and Global South, are articulating their views and beliefs through whatever medium they are able to access. They are critiquing the world in which they inhabit. I have no hot skills…or do I? To understand how the world of the digital natives works, I cite two examples of digital natives living in different worlds– one from North America and the other from South Africa.

The slogan of the demonstrators in the Arab world has been:”The people want to bring down the regime”. 0 technologies, which enables the democratic participation and expansive social networking, has proven to be reconcilable with democracy and transparency, essentially a sentiment expressed by many digital natives in blogs and tweets. As I write, Egyptian digital natives are hosting a tweet Nadwa involving many young Egyptians in a highly organised and structured debate both face-toface and in Twitterverse about their aspirations for a future post-Mubarak Egypt, giving further expression to the desire of young Egyptians for political change that is real and meaningful for them.

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To Be - Book 1 - Digital (Alter)Natives with a Cause? by Nishant Shat & Fieke Jansen

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