By Alexander Grosu

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This article bargains with a principal factor in sleek linguistic conception: that of locality as expressed within the behaviour of non-overt different types. Grosu offers an in depth examine of unfastened kin, nominal words, and quite a few buildings in Rumanian regarding mill operators. This paintings may be of curiosity not just to linguists engaged on theoretical matters, but in addition to linguists drawn to descriptive matters. it really is expected that Grosu's unique specific reviews of significant buildings in Rumanian - a language no longer but completely investigated in glossy linguistics - will turn out formative.

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Mary pursues only one kind of man: [with whoever her sister happens to go out]. 33) are governed. 33) are not problematic for Harbert. 3, we shall see that there are strong empirical reasons against accounting for matching/non-matching contrasts in the position of LeftDislocation in terms of a distinction in government status. An alternative which avoids these various difficulties will be presented in Chapter 3. Let us now turn to Harbert’s views on the ways in which a pro-Head may be identified, which are of considerable interest.

The hypothesis under investigation predicts that, in unmarked-Case positions, Pied-Piping should be no more restricted in FRCs than it is in OHRCs. 64b), this prediction is false. 64) a. Valitsen kalan [minkä väristä sinä pidät]. ’ b. *Valitsen [pro(PART) [minkä väristä](EL) whose(INANIM) colour sinä pidät]. ’, and is perceived as deviant only when used as an FRC. A second language which provides counter-evidence to the hypothesis under investigation is Romanian. Romanian has some morphological Cases, in particular, a distinction between NOM/ACC and DAT/GEN in animate whpronouns, further distinctions by means of the dummy ACC preposition pe and the dummy GEN preposition a being sometimes possible.

Dem (DAT) gote dem(DAT) ich da dienen soll], den(ACC) the god whom I there serve should thatone enhelfent si mir so nicht loben. NEG-help they me so not praise ‘The god whom I must serve, they do not thus help me a. [Den (ACC) schatz den(ACC) sin vater lie], der(NOM) wart the treasure whom his father left that was mit ir geteilt. ’ c. [Fuer alle die si komen], die (NOM) muosen in des jehen. 41) exhibit a complex NP in Left-Dislocation position. 42). 42) Dieser Mann (NOM)/diesen Mann(ACC), den(ACC) würde ich gern this man this man him would I gladly einladen.

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