By Lloyd J. Dumas

ISBN-10: 0313378886

ISBN-13: 9780313378881

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ISBN-13: 9780313378898

So much people imagine that these liable can regularly have the ability to regulate any know-how mankind creates, regardless of how strong. yet in an international of imperfect humans who're susceptible to mistakes, emotion, and occasionally to malevolent habit, this would be an arrogant—and disastrous—assumption. This ebook is stuffed with compelling, genuine tales that illustrate how effortless it truly is for events to move extraordinarily mistaken, regardless of our greatest efforts to avoid any factor. the writer isn't really advocating an anti-technology "return to nature," nor meaning to spotlight the marvels of our high-tech international. as an alternative, the target is to bare the possibility of catastrophe that surrounds us in our sleek global, elucidate how we arrived at this difficulty, clarify the character and ubiquity of human fallibility, divulge why proposed "solutions" to those Achilles heels can't paintings, and recommend choices that may thwart human-induced technological mess ups.

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Burns, “Pakistan, Answering India, Carries Out Nuclear Tests; Clinton’s Appeal Rejected,” New York Times, May 29, 1998. See also David Albright, “Pakistan: The Other Shoe Drops,” Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, July/August 1998. 19. The 2006 underground test is believed to have produced a yield of less than one kiloton, making it a rather small nuclear device. html (accessed June 1, 2009). The second test, on May 25, 2009, was estimated to have a much higher yield, probably from 10 to 20 kilotons, on the order of the Hiroshima bomb.

And is stored in about a dozen countries. 26 Chemical and Biological Weapons The technology of designing and building chemical weapons of mass destruction for military use is more complex than the technology of manufacturing toxic chemicals. There must be ways of delivering the chemicals to the target as well as shielding their own forces against them. The delivery system must protect the lethal chemicals against heat, vibration, contamination, shock, and other problems of premature release or deterioration.

That too is the subject of this book. But to make intelligent decisions and realize the brighter future to which we all aspire, we must first confront the downside of the technologies we choose—no matter how frightening—and not simply revel in the benefits they appear to provide. Otherwise, our natural tendency to overemphasize the advantages and undercount the costs, to “buy now and pay later,” will get us into very deep trouble some day. Because we humans are the most capable species on earth, we are also the most dangerous.

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