By Muhammad Al-Ghazali

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124 Shah Wali Allah's socio-political thought is based primarily on a per'ceptive study of his own environment, particularly Muslim India. 125 His political letters display his deep and critical insight in the prevailing socio-political situation in Muslim ~ n d i a . He ' ~ ~looks at the problems of the human society from the Qur'anic perspective and it is from that same perspective that he interprets everything. The question of the rise and fall of societies discussed by him in the Hujjah, and the ideas set forth by him for understanding various developments in history, have their bases in the Qur'an.

L ~ ~ Indeed the impact of the 'second teacher' on Muslim philosophico-ethical thought is no less profound than that of the first. Shah Wali Allah was no exception to the general indebtedness of Muslim thinkers to Farabi. Although he has not specifically made any reference to the political ideas of Farabi in any of his writings, there are some traces of the latter's thought on his style and approach. The effort to reconcile the rational with the traditional, so conspicuous in FBrabi, is also evident, and in fact seems to have reached its culmination, in Shiih Wali Alliih.

Every social group needs an economic system, guaranteeing material necessities of life to all members. '^^ Like many other philosophers and propounders of the theories of sociology from Plato (d. ) down to Auguste Comte (d. 1857), Shah Wali Allah's ultimate concern was the achievement of an Ideally moral, altruistic, and perfectly civilized soclety. '15 However, as we know, the attitude of founders of modem sociology is at variance from such ideas. August Comte, for instance, thought that "perfect society would come about by the proper application of a new moral science, the study of society".

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