By Scott Sigler

ISBN-10: 0615287441

ISBN-13: 9780615287447

Set in a deadly professional soccer league seven hundred years sooner or later, THE ROOKIE is a narrative that mixes the serious gridiron motion of "Any Given Sunday" with the gap opera variety of "Star Wars" and the felony underworld of "The Godfather."Aliens and people alike play positions according to body structure, developing receivers that leap 25 ft into the air, linemen that bench-press 1,200 kilos, and linebackers that actually are looking to consume you. geared up crime runs each franchise, video games are fastened and rival avid gamers are assassinated.Follow the tale of Quentin Barnes, a 19-year-old quarterback prodigy that has been raised all his lifestyles to hate, and kill, these extraterrestrial beings. Quentin needs to care for his racism and discover ways to lead, or he will finally end up simply one other stat within the column marked "killed at the field." within the Galactic soccer League, wars aren't any longer fought in area, yet at the gridiron. should you like extraterrestrial beings and soccer then i believe you are not likely to discover a greater blend than than THE ROOKIE. --Phil Plait, detect journal

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Quentin sprinted down the sideline. The free safety closed with a good angle of pursuit. There was nowhere to cut this time, so Quentin lowered his right hand, and brought it up hard just as the free safety reached for the tackle. Quentin’s thick forearm caught the free safety under the chin, lifting him off his feet. The free safety seemed to float for a second, moving downfield at the same speed as Quentin, before crashing into the ground and skidding clumsily across the torn Carsengi Grass.

But while a Leader’s pedipalps were two feet long and slender, a Warrior’s were usually about three feet long, thick with muscle and heavily armored. Warriors did not have silky fur. Instead, thick chitin covered their bodies. The last difference was perhaps the most pronounced — a Leader’s softball-sized eye glowed like window to the soul’s emotions, while the Warrior’s cold eye was smaller, like a baseball, surrounded by a heavy ridge of chitin and hooded by a thick, tough, leathery eyelid. Crazy red and orange designs — the marks of Quyth commandos — decorated the bodyguards’ upper carapaces.

Barnes took the snap as the line erupted in the dirt-churning mini-war. He ran to his left, down the line, as the three left-side receivers sprinted straight downfield. But Hokor and Gredok weren’t the only ones to see what Quentin had seen — the much-maligned linebacker tore up field, blitzing just inside the sprinting tight end. Quentin and the linebacker seemed to be on a direct collision course. The 360-pound linebacker closed in and launched himself, at which point Quentin calmly sidestepped towards the line of scrimmage.

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