By Gil McNeil

ISBN-10: 1408825929

ISBN-13: 9781408825921

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Charlie looks horrified. ‘No it would not. I want them to have babies; it would be lovely to have baby rabbits. We could start a farm and anyway I don’t want gay rabbits, I want proper ones. ’ I launch into my very realistic impression of the mad policeman in Withnail and I, repeating ‘Get in the car, get in the car’ in a high-pitched nasal scream. Our milkman, Ted, picks the perfect moment, as ever, to arrive, block the drive with his float and start wittering on about being late again with a sarcastic grin on his face.

I’m tempted to let them out for a run, as they are being so amusing, but know this would be a big mistake as it took nearly an hour to get them back in at the weekend, and I don’t think missing swimming because I was chasing rabbits round the garden will be deemed an acceptable excuse. I turn up at school just as lunchtime play is finishing, ready for the afternoon swimming session. The dinner lady is just clocking off, and when I explain I’m going swimming with the children she says, ‘Never mind, dear, it will soon be over,’ which I don’t think is very nice.

But this one is lovely and can go on the art table. Charlie is very pleased with himself. Must remember to check with Kate next time, before any last-minute model making. I get home and decide to continue the arts and crafts theme for today and paint the old bathroom chair bright yellow with the leftover paint from my bedroom.

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The Only Boy For Me by Gil McNeil

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