By John R. McRae

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A n s w e r : The True Mind exists of itself and does not come from outside [oneself. 52 Nothing in all the three periods of time is more dear [to a per­ son] than one’s mind. If you discern the Suchness [inherent in the mind] and maintain awareness of it, you will reach the other shore [of nirvana]. , animals, hungry ghosts, and residents of the hells). Therefore, it is known that the Buddhas of the three periods of time take their own True Mind53 as teacher. , nirvana). Therefore, it is known that the mind is the fundamental teacher.

7. Bodhidharm a’s Treatise and the Later D evelopm ent o f C h 9an D octrine One of the most important issues in the development of early Ch’an doc­ trine is the rejection of traditional meditation technique, with its empha­ sis on yogic concentration and gradual self-perfection, in favor of a sudden approach that was supposedly more open, spontaneous, and intuitive. Hu Shih, D. T. 23 Although I will refrain from commenting on such interpretations at present, I do think it is important to note that the tendency to reject traditional meditative tech­ nique occurred in non-Ch’an School contexts during the second half of 116 P a r t Tw o: D o c trin e the sixth century.

If you have the time, please read this. If you practice seated meditation, you will surely perceive the Fundamental Nature (pen-hsing). If you can meld the mind and make it pure, then [you will realize that] a split second of discriminative consciousness is samsara. 7 If you search for the Dharma with a calculating [mind], your karma will not change. [The Second Letter] In its ever-increasing defilement, the mind is difficult to [bring to the] ultimate. )], he instantly realized for the first time that his six years of asceticism had been wasted effort.

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