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If all there is is being as raw material, then there is no being itself. The era of being as technology is the era in which being shows itself in such a way that the very question of being is occluded. Being has withdrawn itself, so that the first step on the way to overcoming technology is to reopen the question of being, to make this withdrawal itself a subject of inquiry. However, if being itself is now seen as the primary agent in history, then humans do no decide simply to make being different but must adopt an attitude of listening or responding to what shows itself in such a way that the space for something new might arise.

A string of words perhaps. Or a series of ideas in the mind of the speaker that is then conveyed to the hearer. Or an ideal, logical entity – word-sounds, ideas, and propositions – are artificial constructs imposed on the primitive speech situation by a specialized way of looking at the assertion as itself something present-at-hand; none of them naturally present themselves to the normal speaker and hearer. I do not assert something of the idea of a hammer nor does my hearer take the assertion to be about an idea.

Like a dream, as Freud describes it, it is woven around an umbilicus that its self-reflection cannot account for. Heidegger’s own description of a work, as I try to demonstrate, 18 A Comprehensive Study of Heidegger’s Thought points to the way in which it manifests the precariousness of its limits and thus points beyond itself. I would like to suggest that Heidegger’s text must be read in the light of such a concept. ) or from other perspectives on the history of thought and culture; critiques that proceed on this basis without submitting their own presuppositions to a Heideggerian form of questioning must of necessity close upon the question of Being I advance and can never come to grips with Heidegger’s text.

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