By Allison Cox, Allison M. Cox, David Albert, David H. Albert, Margaret McDonald, Margaret Read McDonald

ISBN-10: 0865714681

ISBN-13: 9780865714687

The therapeutic middle provides robust examples of using tales and storytelling in encouraging resiliency, empathy, admire, and therapeutic. those attractive books comprise tales, and narratives in regards to the use of the tales in actions with diverse populations (children, kids, people with disabilities, seniors, inmates, etc.) or which handle particular social or neighborhood difficulties (addictions, poverty, violence, racism, environmental degra-dation, homelessness, abuse).

The books are a collective attempt containing the services of greater than 60 storytellers and healthiness execs who illustrate the ability of tale in relocating others to dedication and motion, in development vanity and mutual respect.

The therapeutic center ~ households focuses on households, dealing in particular with therapeutic via tale, health and wellbeing merchandising, disorder prevention, early formative years intervention, teenagers with clinical difficulties, adopting households, colleges, sexual identities, grief, and religious therapeutic. The therapeutic middle ~ groups focuses on community-building, with sections on formative years, violence prevention, poverty, household violence, substance abuse and dependancy, racism, elders, tradition, environmental safeguard, homelessness, and group development.

Allison Cox is a therapist and Prevention expert, in Tacoma, Washington, with two decades event as a qualified storyteller, and is a founding father of the therapeutic tale Alliance—part of the nationwide Storytelling community.

David Albert is a storyteller, author, and Senior Planner and coverage Analyst with the Washington nation department of Alcohol and Substance Abuse, and a contributor to Spinning stories, Weaving wish (New Society, 2002).

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Paula thought of her own life, of the giants who were stealing her eggs, of the ideas and talents that would never hatch if she allowed the thefts to continue. Armed with the vision of the little hen who took on a giant, Paula set about slaying her giants. Four years later she had a new confidence, thanks not to me but to the story of a little chicken. Paula taught me the truth behind something shared by nearly every storytelling workshop leader: the storyteller is the conduit for, not the focus of, the story.

The young woman smiled. “Now I understand. ” And she placed the old woman’s wrinkled hand on her belly. The child kicked. ” After the story is over, I sometimes ask if anyone would like to comment on it or if anyone has had that experience. “Bleeding Heart” was met with quiet respect and contemplation. Then I say, “Perhaps there is someone out there whose heart bleeds for you, or perhaps you love someone the way this mother loved her child. Just remember, sometimes we have to learn to let go as well.

She said she had not prepared a story, but she wanted us to hear the experience that had thrown a hedge of thorns around her. She wanted us to know that she was ready now, that she realized the importance of her own voice, the legacy only she could 15 give to her grandchildren. She would go home now and tell them stories. The healing had begun. I have learned that storytelling can help heal old wounds. Of course, painful stories can be told too soon, while the wound is so raw that it rubs salt into the listeners’ sore places.

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The Healing Heart for Communities: Storytelling for Strong and Healthy Communities by Allison Cox, Allison M. Cox, David Albert, David H. Albert, Margaret McDonald, Margaret Read McDonald

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