By Christopher Duffy

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Второй том труда Кристофера Даффи вышел через шесть лет после первого, и охватывает период с 1660 по 1789 года. Несмотря на название, описание не ограничивается только Вобаном и Фридрихом Великим, как и первая чатсь, география книги обширна, и затрагивает кроме Европы и Азии еще и Новый Свет.Книга богато иллюстрирована, и может представлять интерес, как для специалистов, так и читателей, интересующихся военной историей и архитектурой.По сравнению с раздачей от участника mirle4ko ( значитально улучшено качество картинок.Первая часть здесь:

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The foremost examples were the earthen enceintes ofKonigsberg and Pillau, which were begun in 1626. The leading native exponent of Netherlandish fortification was Matthias Dogen, who learnt the manner while he was serving as the Brandenburg resident in The Hague. His massive treatise Heutiges Tages Obliche Kriegs Baukunst was published in German and Latin in 1646 and 1647, and in French in 1648. That most formidable ruler the Great Elector Frederick William (1640-88) called on the services of Dogen to help him to carry out a comprehensive scheme of national defence.

The thing was a grave embarrassment to the Austrians, for their defences all faced to the north and east, against old enemies like the Swedes and Turks, and they had nothing to put in the way of an attack down the Danube valley. At Vienna there was no single body of engineering officers and bureaucrats who could direct sieges or attend to state defence. The Hofkriegsrath (Court War Council) gave the initial orders for military construction, but left the execution entirely to the Fortifications BauZahlamt, which sent the appropriate instructions to 23 Frontispiece, Matthias Dagen Louis XIV and Old Fortress Warfare 1660-1715 the fortress commandant concerned, or dispatched engineers of its own from Vienna.

At about the age of twenty he entered the Swedish service as a simple musketeer, which accorded with the affinity between the Swedish and German nations, and the mood of the time: Rimpler would not have embraced military service by chance. He was a man of lively, vaulting spirit, and a soldier through and through, as was to be shown later. The whole century was military in its character. The endless wars offered a rapid succession of honourable tasks and employments to every man of boldness and enterprise.

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