By Brian Freemantle

A dozen tales of espionage in Berlin, from one of many genre's masters

In 1990 - after the Iron Curtain has lifted yet sooner than East and West Germany turn into one - an uneasy truce exists among the undercover agent businesses of Berlin's halves. because the governments of the divided country negotiate reunification, espionage maintains quietly. That calm is ready to blow up. An English agent, on a regimen choice of microfilm at the different aspect of Checkpoint Charlie, is arrested for spying, and all hell threatens to wreck free. he's the fourth officer in six months to fall, and the arrest confirms everyone's worry: there's a mole in English intelligence.

Responsibility falls on Samuel Bell, the top of the Berlin espionage division, nicknamed "the Factory." yet Bell's look for the mole - an undesirable pressure on his alcohol-frayed nerves - is just one of this collection's dozen tales of lifestyles within the manufacturing facility, the place deception is rampant and loss of life is rarely a long way behind.

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Demanded the man angrily. ‘I am not criticizing,’ refuted Jane. ’ ‘My wife and I were practically apart before I was posted here. ’ ‘I was to be recalled to Moscow,’ disclosed Sharov. ‘Olga has another three years in London, at least. ’ questioned Jane. ’ ‘You people will have to contact her. ’ ‘She has a husband. ’ It was becoming messy, thought Jane, who was absolutely dedicated to her job in intelligence, had no serious boyfriends and could not imagine anyone, male or female, making for love the sort of sacrifices Sharov appeared to be making.

Refusing to acknowledge it as avoidance of what he really should be doing, Bell decided to carry out his own, personal, investigation. He recognized it would be dangerous, reprehensible even, but convinced himself it was the correct course. If he found the traitor, he could deal with him in his own way. If one didn’t emerge – if the four arrests had been bad luck or an unconnected set of coincidences – he would have kept the Factory intact, properly undisturbed. ’ It was Bell’s night to stay at Ann’s apartment: the excuse to be away from the family home and from Pamela was the regular Tuesday meeting of the joint intelligence services, although his wife wasn’t really interested in any explanation.

Jane nodded but avoided appearing impressed. ’ ‘Everything,’ replied the man shortly. If Sharov were telling the truth his knowledge was considerable. ’ Sharov appeared to sag slightly, losing some of his confidence. ’ Sharov shrugged. ’ ‘That doesn’t seem to be a very satisfactory answer,’ challenged Jane. The man gave another shrug. ‘I have a friend,’ he said awkwardly. ’ The man nodded. ‘Olga Zarya. ’ demanded the man angrily. ‘I am not criticizing,’ refuted Jane. ’ ‘My wife and I were practically apart before I was posted here.

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