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Ov TT]v s language goes beyond that of Theodoret Dial. <f>vcnv [jieTafiaX&v, ctAXo. TT)V word 0i5(rts is as shown by the same writer is Ovdf yap fitvet eanv 2 yap /Liera ^f v ( (- TV (f>v<rei i p. 25 (Schulze) But the TrpocrTedetKibs. here used in a different sense from that in which Gr. uses rbv tiri rrjs ayia<rjuL6i> /cai s statement in Dial, ii TO. So\a TTJS olKclas Trpor^pas overlap xai aTTTa ola On x. irpbrepov /cat p. it, 126 (Schulze), ^t crraTcu 0iVews TOV cr^Tj/xaros Kal rov ciSous, nal opard rjv.

In his treatment of Baptism Gregory emphasizes the faith for the practical needs of the importance of a right Christian versial 1 s. life. By his reference to his former contro works on the Trinity 3 he clearly shows the inner c. 2 35. c. 37 sub fin. 3 c. 38. c xxx vi INTRODUCTION spiritual significance of the battle which the Church had been fighting with Arianism. It is of importance that he who is regenerate should know what is his spiritual parentage and into what manner of life he is born in To believe that the Son and Spirit are baptism 1 .

Gr. suppl. 10 (Kollarii suppl. xviii, Fabncius, IX. 1 12). Saec. XV. chart. 413 foil. It is in folio size, and was presented, as the inscription states, to the Emperor Charles VI. in 1723, by Apostolo Zeno, his court poet and The Or. Cat. is contained in foil. 127 172. historiographer. /= Paris, 280 I Bibl. Nat. Gr. 587 In folio size. foil. (Omont 137). The Or. Cat. Saec. is xv xvi. chart. contained in foil. 40. = Cod. Bodleian Library, Oxford. Barocc. CCXII. Saec. XVI. 410 foil. In quarto size.

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