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This is natural and to be expected. Any test of a bilingual's competence in two languages must be sensitive to such differences of when, where, and with whom bilinguals use either of their languages. Further Reading Grosjean, F. (1985) The bilingual as a competent but specific speaker-hearer. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development 6, 467-477. Grosjean, F. (1994) Individual bilingualism. E. M. Simpson (eds) The Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics (Volume 3). Oxford: Pergamon.

And Romaine, S. (1986) Semilingualism: A half-baked theory of communicative competence. Applied Linguistics 7 (1), 26-38. Page 8 Theme 5 Crème de la Crème? Prestigious Bilinguals Prestigious bilinguals are those who typically (but not exclusively) own two high status languages. They can also be those who are of high status in their own society and are bilingual. Often the social elite speak two or more high status tongues. Children who speak French and English or Japanese and German fluently will tend to be prestigious bilinguals.

In U. ) Status and Function of Languages and Language Variety. New York: W. de Gruyter. Theme 3 Two Equal Languages? Balanced Bilinguals One of the myths of bilingualism is that of two equally developed languages. In reality, individuals rarely have a balance between their two languages. Terms such as balanced bilingual, equilingual or ambilingual define idealized concepts unrelated to the great majority of bilinguals. Rarely will anyone be equally competent in speaking, reading and writing both languages across all different situations and domains, nor does language stay constant over time.

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