By Stan Berenstain, Jan Berenstain

ISBN-10: 0394866533

ISBN-13: 9780394866536

"The room shared by means of Brother and Sister is a large number as the cubs argue over who may still neaten up rather than operating jointly. bound to make children smile whereas they soak up an implied lesson."
--Publishers Weekly.

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As she turns to look, Tom flees, his escape made possible by his ability to order agency and action in others. His facility for manipulating other people serves him well, for he manages to obscure his own actions as he gets other children to paint the fence in Tom Sawyer, gets Huck and Jim to play his absurd rescue game in Huck Finn, and, throughout both novels, gets children and adults alike to do his bidding. In The Innocent Eye, Albert Stone observes that while most of Samuel Clemens's child characters are passive observers and commentators on adult society, "certain of his fictional children are supremely active agents in the world of adults" (271).

Number means the number of references Maisie makes to each character in each case. Percentages are based on the number of references per section or per total which Maisie makes to each character. ***Character means the character to whom Maisie refers in her direct quotations. When she does cast herself as an agent, Maisie concentrates on her one accomplishment, bringing together Mrs. Beale and Sir Claude. Most of her utterances referring to herself as a positive agent are variations of the often repeated phrase "I brought you together" (340).

1). Her Case Grammar 27 words show concern for her state of being, casting herself ("I'm tired") in an experiencer-state role. As readers quickly discover, her strange existence and the unfolding of her experiences are the focus of the novel. Destructive acts occur throughout, and this, too, seems to be foreshadowed by her early agent-negative action expression ("Can't we stop? "). A book whose first sentence describes a sense of weariness and a desire to stop might not leave itself much room for development, but King still clearly portrays Charlie's states of mind throughout the novel.

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