By Kurt A. Raaflaub

ISBN-10: 1119162556

ISBN-13: 9781119162551

The Adventure of the Human mind presents the most recent scholarship at the beginnings of highbrow heritage on a vast scope, encompassing ten eminent historical or early civilizations from either the outdated and New Worlds.

  • Borrows subject matters from The highbrow experience of historic Man (1946), updating an outdated subject with a brand new technique and updated theoretical underpinning, facts, and scholarship
  • Provides a wide scope of reports, together with dialogue of hugely built old or early civilizations in China, India, West Asia, the Mediterranean, and the Americas
  • Examines the area view of ten historic or early societies, reconstructed from their very own texts, about the position of humans in society and kingdom, in nature and cosmos, in area and time, in existence and dying, and when it comes to these in energy and the realm of the divine
  • Considers a variety of assets representing a wide range of specific responses to differing environments, situations, and highbrow challenges
  • Reflects a extra inclusive and nuanced historiographical angle with appreciate to non-elites, gender, and native variations
  • Brings jointly prime experts within the box, and is edited through an across the world well known scholar

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New York. Geertz, Clifford. 1984. ” American Anthropologist 86: 263–78. Hume, David. 1900. An Inquiry Concerning Human Understanding. Chicago. Orig. publ. 1748. Huntington, Samuel. 1996. The Clash of Civilizations and the Making of World Order. New York. Kawashima, Robert S. 2006. ” The Journal of Religion 86: 226–57. Latour, Bruno. 1993. We Have Never Been Modern. Trans. Catherine Porter. Cambridge MA. Lévy‐Bruhl, Lucien. 1949. Les Carnets de Lévy‐Bruhl. Paris. 28 Francesca Rochberg Lévy‐Bruhl, Lucien.

Ever since Europeans began to discover ancient Near Eastern cultural remains in the later eighteenth century, reports to both scholars and the lay public appeared regularly. This reporting was particularly pronounced, not surprisingly, whenever connections were made with one of the fundamental texts of European, indeed Western, culture, the literature of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible. 4 A more immediate context for The Intellectual Adventure was the work of Chicago’s Oriental Institute. 5 Under Breasted’s leadership, the Institute quickly became, to paraphrase his language, a comprehensive laboratory for the study of the origins of human civilization in the Near East (J.

Not too long after The Intellectual Adventure, Robert C. Dentan edited a collection of papers, The Idea of History in the Ancient Near East (1955), that similarly tried to present a concise portrait of the historical attitudes of the various civilizations of the ancient Near East, in this case not only those of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Israel, but also of Persia, the Hellenistic and Early Christian Mediterranean as well as early Islam, though without a unifying theoretical framework. While not expressly a work of cognitive anthropology, The Intellectual Adventure was certainly interested in cognition, how the ancients perceived and understood their world as diagnostic of their thought.

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