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Apud Stob. Ecl. 49. 3 ρ. ; Origen C. Celsgm 4, 7~ ρ; 559b; Plut. De soll. αnim. 2, ρ. 960. α cf. Ι Cor. 2: 14. ' 32 ΤΑΤΙΑΝ ORATIO AD GRAECOS άvθρωποις το iLeavaTov. 16. v έμποδιςομέvηv φροvιμωτέραv, enewav άπ', αύτo~ μ,εταvο;σττι, γίvεσθαι. δαίμοvες γαρ TfJ σΦώv κακorιθειq. vw- μας aVTWv παρατρέπουσι κάτω vεvευκυιc:ς, o~ως, με,:αρ~ω~σθα~ προς Tiιv ev ούραvοίς πορείαv έξαδυvατωσιv. ης. 25 της απα- "," Bλέπovται δε και ύπο TWv Ψυχικωv οι δαιμοvες, εσθ _οτε τοίς άvθρωποις έαυτους έκείvωv δεικvύvτωv, ίί;~ τε vομισθωσι~ εωαί τιvες Τι καί τι βλάψωσι καθάπερ πoλεμω~ς, Φι~oι.

Or how can it be right to ascribe help given to madmen to matter and not to God? Their skill is to turn men away from God's service, and contrive that they should rely οη herbs and roots. If God had provided these things to further men's wishes, he would have been responsible for creating evil-since he created himself all that is ίη 4 any way good, but the profligacy of the demons used things ίη tl1e world for doing mischief and the form of evil derives from them and not from the perfect God. How can it be that when Ι was alive Ι was as little touched by evil as possible, yet when Ι am dead, without any action οη my part, my mortal remains wl1icll lack either movement οη λ '.

16,7 24 άμυνείτaι Schwartz: άμύVΗTaι MPi2' κωμiωvWίlamοwitΖ: ρ. ν MPV εγ MPV The text is important for the history of the cult of relίcs ίη antiquity. Comprising the use not οηlΥ of drugs, but also of spells and potions. C Not ίn Justin's extant works. d Wίlamowitz suspected an allusion to Aelίus Aristides, the contemporary rhetorician and hypochondriac, and his eulogies of gods of healίng. b έγκοσμΙων 37 38 25 ORATlO AD GRAECOS TATlAN 19. Τμείς δε τουτωιι ούκ εxovτες τηιι κατάλrιΨιιι παρ' Τιμώιι τώιι είδατωιι έκπαιδευεσθε, λέγοιιτες θαιιάτου καταφροιιείιι και τηιι αύτάρκειαιι άσκεΊV.

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