By Amookos, Shri Lokanath Maharaj, Michael R Goss

"In this ebook you'll find the 1st 3 sects of directions for the Tantrik staff AMOOKOS (the Arcane and Magickal Order of the Knights of Shamhala). For the 1st time, we display publicly the equipment, rites and philosophy pursued by means of an internal staff of initiates in the Order.This ebook exhibits how the esoteric strands of east and west are fused jointly right into a sensible procedure which has as its function the revealing of the non secular capability latent in each individual."

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The Stem of the Plant This resolves itself into Moon, Sun and Fire. Moon is the five downward pointing triangles in the centre of the diagram, and fire the five upward pointing triangles. Five times three triangles - the fifteen days of the lunar fortnight. Four times three - the twelve solar months of the year. Twelve plus fifteen - the twenty-seven letters of the AMOOKOS alphabet. The Flowering of the Yantra The eight petals and the sixteen petals together are the twenty-four aspects 6 of the Sun and Moon with the eight planets, but not with one another.

The subsidiary Shaktis are all similar to their Presiding Composite Devi, but sit on a Cheetah, a Tiger, a Leopard and a Panther respectively. The subsidiary Shaktis of these four sit on other male carnivores. The Yantra is to be engraved on copper. Water This Devi with all her Subsidiary Shaktis, can be worshipped magickally for Peace, Fame, and Good Fortune. 1,23,4 are Air of Water, Fire of Water, Water of Water and Earth of Water. They cluster around their Presiding Goddess, and sit on a Hawk, a Falcon, a Sea Eagle and a Vulture.

We can see that the Erotic Form of Lalita has within Herself all elements, taken in a particular aspect or way. The Fifteen Eternities of the Goddess of the Shri Yantra have names like lady of Sexual Desire, Yoni Adorned with Flowers, Lady of the Form of Fire, She who is always Wet, etc. Each of the mantras of these Devis are of an erotic nature, in consonance with the Presiding Goddess of the Circle. Smashing the Five Kleshas Cutting the tanglewood thicket The second degree papers gave a brief outline of the tanglewood called five ob-blocks.

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