By R. N. Dutta

In old days, there has been a effective king of the Lunar dynasty by way of identify Dushyanta. He was once the king of Hastinapur. He as soon as is going out a-hunting and within the pursuit of a deer comes close to the hermitage of the sage Kanwa, the executive of the hermits, the place a few anchorites request him to not kill the deer. The king feels thirsty and used to be looking water while he observed sure maidens of the hermits watering the favorite vegetation. considered one of them, an exquisitely appealing and bashful maiden, named Sakuntala, acquired him.

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The two princes are introduced to Janaka, the king of Mithila, who is urged by the sage to let Rama try to bend the bow of Siva. Sanshkala, the messenger of Ravana, the king of Lanka, now arrives to demand Sita in marriage for his master, refusing, at the same time, on his part, to submit to the test of bending the bow. The demand is refused. Rama tries his fortune, bends the bow and wins the lady. The family connection is extended by the promise of Urmila, Mandavi, and Srutakirti, to Rama's brothers.

On this refusal, Ravana goes forth after a brief dialogue with his queen Mandodari, who animates his drooping courage with the true spirit of the tribe to which she belongs. "Banish your sorrow, lord of Lanka, take one long and last embrace. We meet no more. " The progress of Ravana through the air appals all Nature. The winds breathe low in timid murmurs through the rustling woods; the sun with slackened fires gleams pale abroad and the streams, relaxing from their rapid course, slowly creep along.

Victory to Maharaja Harischandra! You have astonished the world, I am virtue incarnate. Virtue is never vain. As you have stuck to me all along, I must reward you. I will send you to the heaven of _Brahma_, where the greatest kings cannot enter by their truth, charity, straightforwardness and sacrifices. You need not lament any more. Be patient. By my blessing, your son Rohitashya will instantly regain life". Rohitashya now starts up. 43 Then the king perceives, in clear vision acquired by the blessings of Virtue, that lord Kausika, in order to try his virtue, deprived him of his kingdom and placed the government in the hands of his own minister.

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