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Strong next-nearest-neighbour coupling and inter-orbital hopping in iron-pnictide superconductors favor a weak anisotropic and nodeless d+s wave symmetry. (3), one could see that the NN interaction J favors the order parameters Δ1α x/y and the NNN interaction J favors Δ2α x ± y . (5). In summary, our results have shown that many properties observed in iron-based superconductors could be comprehensively understood in the present model qualitatively. In the reasonable physical parameters region of LaFeAsO1− x F x , the pairing symmetry of the model is nearly isotropic and nodeless d x2 −ηy2 +S x2 y2 -wave, mainly originating from the Fermi surface topology and the spin fluctuation in these systems, which is in agreement with the observation of ARPES and the NMR experiments in ironpnictide superconductors.

Wang X. , Yan Y. , Ying J. , Chen X. H. (2009). Superconductivity at 56 K in samarium-doped SrFeAsF. J. : Condens. Matter, Vol. 21, 142203, ISSN 0953-8984. McMillan W. L. (1968). Transition Temperature of Strong-Coupled Superconductors. Phys. , Vol. 167, 331, ISSN 0031-899X. , Larbalestier D. , Balakirev F. , and Wen H. H. (2008). 3 single crystal. Phys. Rev. B, Vol. 78, 174523, ISSN 1098-0121. , (2008). 1493. Mazin I. , Singh D. , Johannes M. D. H. (2008). Unconventional Superconductivity with a Sign Reversal in the Order Parameter of LaFeAsO1− x F x .

Due to the asymmetry of the different directions in different orbits, the amplitude of the superconducting gap of the local pairing along the x-direction may be not equal to that along the y-direction in each orbit. Thus, the single orbital d-wave or s-wave superconducting order parameter, in which the superconducting energy gap has 4-fold symmetry of rotational invariance in the xy plane, is not suitable for describing the pairing symmetry of the intra-orbital superconducting order parameters in this multi-orbital system.

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