By George S. Harris, Nur Bilge Criss

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The only high school building in town served as the meeting place for the Congress. Schools were closed for summer, so this made the multiple classrooms in the building available and facilitated the conversion of the schoolhouse into a congress hall. One of the two big rooms of the entrance floor was reserved for security personnel, the other served as the dining hall, while the rest of the classrooms were used by the clerks. The first classroom by the staircase on the second floor, which was converted into a private room for Mustafa Kemal, was furnished to serve as a bedroom as well as a reception or a study room.

The large meeting room next to Mustafa Kemal’s, with school desks in the center, circled by additional chairs was used for deliberations. The rest of the classrooms with several beds in each were also turned into bedchambers for some of the other delegates; a few chairs were placed in the rooms to provide the minimum necessity to be used for private conversations. Numbers of residents contributed to the furnishing and Şekeroğlu İsmail Efendi, from a family of the oldest residents of Sivas, hosted twenty delegates in his home.

Calling Mustafa Kemal’s attention to this possibility, she explained that “We are living through most disastrous moments. America is very amicably and carefully observing the developments in Anatolia. The Government (in Istanbul) and the British have joined hands in reflecting nationalists’ struggles for independence to America as a movement designed to annihilate Christians and restore the Unionists to power. . We are trying to keep the American commission (meaning King-Crane) here until the Sivas Congress meets.

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Studies in Atatürk's Turkey: The American Dimension (Ottoman Empire and Its Heritage) by George S. Harris, Nur Bilge Criss

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