By Mr Brian Abbs, Ingrid Freebairn, Mr David Bolton

ISBN-10: 1405874783

ISBN-13: 9781405874786

Visually attractive and straightforward to take advantage of, New Sky presents brief achieveable classes, essentially contextualised grammar perform and built-in abilities paintings. With songs, raps, video games, puzzles and tales, New Sky makes studying English stimulating, vigorous and enjoyable!

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B) Now tell the class. Beata, Marta and Tomek play in an orchestra. 4 £1} Listen Listen to Ed talking about his rap group and complete the sentences. 1 2 3 4 5 Ed's group are called .... There are ... boys in the group. The youngest is .... Their... don't like the group. They're playing next.... J Write about one of your favourite bands and include a photo. • • • • • • What's the name of the band? How many members are there? Who's the lead singer? Who's your favourite member? What's the name of their last CD?

VOV'lXf vy/ r F r s ^ j Try 10 Puzzle: who's who? £ Read t h e i n f o r m a t i o n . Fill in t h e names of t h e four basketball players. I can: ask and talk about dimensions D ask and talk about animals D ask and talk about people in Kevin is shorter than Ryan. Ryan is taller than Aaron. Larry is shorter than Aaron. Kevin is taller than'Larry. Aaron is taller than Kevin. the class EH ask and talk about hobbies and interests EH 43 Complete the sentences with the comparative and superlative forms of the short adjectives.

And ... 8 Song: Get the Party Started • 4 Read and write a Read Corinne Bailey Rae's plan. 30 Make questions, then answer them. 'hen's Corinne arriving at London Airport? 30 on Friday evening. When/Corinne/arrive/at London Airport? e/travel/to her hotel? 3 vVhat time/they/have/dinner? '. ho/she/give/an interview to? 5 hen/she/go/to MTV studios? 5 Speak Ask about your friend's arrangements for this week, iclude these words and phrases. •tonight -tomorrow A : What are you doing B: I'm meeting my friend • on Friday morning/afternoon/evening tonight?

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Sky: Student's Book Bk. 2 by Mr Brian Abbs, Ingrid Freebairn, Mr David Bolton

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