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1978), 103–33 (repr. in R. Browning, History, Language and Literacy in the Byzantine World [Northampton, 1989], XV), esp. 103–4 with citations of similar sentiments in Leo VI, Taktika and De admin. 16 On the rhetorical terminology see the related notes in the commentary. [6] 01Introduction 6 8/3/00, 12:57 PM Introduction for besiegers to dig a defensive ditch the Anon. Byz. adds at the outset, “Beginning from below from the foot of the slope” (§k går t∞w Ípvre¤aw kãtvyen érxom°nouw); and at 16:10–11 the addition “from the outer facade” (épÚ d¢ t∞w ¶jvyen ˆcevw) indicates more precisely where a hole is to be drilled in a metal laminated jar.

Gr. 607 with the same tortoise as illustrated in the Vaticanus conveys this difference clearly (f ig. B). ”22 The Anon. ’s contrast of “drawing” vs. “illustration” (sx∞ma/ sxhmatismÒw) (the latter term occurs twice in the introductory paragraph, once in the conclusion to the Parangelmata, and again in a scholion in the Geodesia) is also paralleled in Neoplatonism. Simplicius’ use of the contrast has been characterized by C. ”23 At In Aristotelis Categorias commentarium 8:271:26, for example, Simplicius, following Archytas, comments that Aristotle’s fourth category, “quality” (poiÒthw), resides not §n sxÆmati .

Whether the illustrator of the Vaticanus introduced additional innovations is uncertain. 35 Other indications of Neoplatonic inf luence in the Anon. Byz. include his characterization in the Geodesia (7:47–48) of the radius of a circle as §n érxª . . ép’ érx∞w . . , In primum Euclidis librum commentarius 155:6–8: ÉAll’ …w m¢n t∞w diastãsevw érxØ t«n gramm«n t“ “éfÉ o” shma¤netai, …w d¢ m°son t∞w perifere¤aw t“ “prÚw ˜”), and his reference to Pythagorean views of the cube as representing “harmony” (Geodesia 8:13–15).

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