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Appalled by way of what she'd visible of the Nazis in Berlin and Vienna, Nancy joined a resistance staff in Marseilles supporting to smuggle out escaped British prisoners. by way of 1943, Nancy had develop into the number 1 goal at the Gestapo's so much sought after checklist, and there has been a 5 million-franc rate on her head.

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Acknowledgments Thanks are due to the Thursday Evening Fencing Group (my title, not theirs) with whom I can work out the details of combat situations involving swords, daggers, polearms, crossbows, and so on. Access to the library at New World Arbalest was, and will continue to be, a great advantage to these books. Thanks are also due to the community forming at the Paksworld blog, source of new alpha readers who were very helpful in pointing out problems with the first draft—and to existing alpha readers whose experience and ability to articulate what was wrong materially improved the book, especially David Watson and Karen Shull.

Danger comes on its own terms. ” “You are terrible men,” Kieri said, grinning at them. He felt more awake already. ” He turned to the chest of bandas, lifted the lid, then glanced back. Siger was where he had been, but Carlion—Kieri snatched a banda from the chest, whirled just in time, and parried Carlion’s blade with the banda. “I told you that wouldn’t work,” Siger said. He had his thumbs stuck in his belt now. ” Carlion shrugged as he backed away. “I’ve caught a lot of ’em with that. ” “You have no respect for your king,” Kieri said.

Why? For what purpose? And if what cast that sleep ended it, what would come out from that distant fortress? Allies or enemies? “Maybe dragons out of the old tales are asleep somewhere, too,” Maelith said. “Dragons! ” “We thought magelords were all gone,” Arian pointed out. ” “They were said to be shape-shifters as well,” Sarol said, putting a pink and white wreath on his head. ” “The Lady would, surely,” Arian said. Kieri glanced around at his Squires, now all decked with flower wristlets, garlands, crowns of flowers.

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