By Gopinath Kaviraj

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Contains eleven articles in English via the popular pandit, each throws a flood of sunshine on subject matters in different curiosity. a few articles that have no longer to this point been released in any of the former compilations released every now and then through diverse corporations.

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It is one, being integral, continuous, compact and of homogeneous texture and there is no possibility of break in its continuity and admixture of foreign elements in its essence. Being free, it does not depend on anything else for its manifestation and function. The power may be said to exist in a two-fold condition. , are in reality consequent on the play of this power. It is always active, its activity being expressed on the one hand as self-limitation (tirodhdna) involving the appearance (srsti) of the universe as such till then absorbed in and identified with the essence of Reality and on the other as self-expression only 54 Otfktöi Mni osopnij {anugraha = grace) implying the disappearance (sarhhära) of the same and its absorption in the Reality.

26 -VVEDÄNTA The word Pratibhä seldom occurs in Vedäntic literature but the doctrine was certainly recognized. In the ninth anuväka of his Värttika on the Taittirlya Upanisad (the only instance in which the term Pratibhä is found in Vedänta), Suresvara mentions it by name (prätibhäjnäna) and calls it ärsa, thereby implying that this knowledge, by nature transcendent, is the characteristic of rs is or seers,27 and it is further stated there that is comes into manifestation only to that seeking soul who, by means of constant repetition of mantra and of prolonged meditation, is able to throw off the veil of Mäyä and enter into conscious communion with the Supreme 25 Tripura Rahasya, Jncuuikhanda, ch.

Sarhvit is prakäsa as well as vimarsa — it is beyond the universe {visvottlrno) and yet permeates it (visvätmaka). The two aspects constitute one integral whole. This is a-ha-m, the first letter 'a' standing for prakäsa, the last letter 'ha' representing vimarsa; the unity of the two, which would denote the unity of all the letters of the alphabet between 'a' and 'ha\ is indicated by the bin du 'rh\ Thus aham is symbolized by bindu. The creative act of the Supreme Will breaks as it were this bindu and sets in operation the entire cosmic process.

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