By Ajahn Chah various Disciples

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This orthodox approach did not mean he shied away from making radical decisions if they were called for, or that he would avoid unfamiliar situations just because they were uncomfortable. His years of austere, solitary, forest practice attested to his ability to turn frustrations into fuel for progress towards the goal. Once when Ajahn Chah was asked what made him different from so many other monks he said it was that he was daring. He dared to go against habits that didn’t accord with Dhamma, while others simply went along with the status quo.

Complacency is one of them. We might gain some tranquillity and initial insight from our meditation efforts but this is not yet the heartwood of which the Buddha spoke. Relinquishment, letting go, abandonment is the goal. In his talk, ‘The Real Practice’, Ajahn Jayasaro again offers clear guidance on where our priorities must lie if we really do long for liberation. It is hoped that readers will find within these offerings instruction and encouragement relevant to a personal seeing of that which the Buddha saw, 2550 years ago.

Even if at times the path appeared overgrown, if he saw that it led to liberation he followed it. This was how he practised and this was how he taught. He didn’t offer a doctrine or technique and insist we go with it. Truly he didn’t mind if we agreed with him or not. He had nothing to sell and nothing to advertise. On one occasion he spoke about how the sangha should only advertise itself by way of inner stillness. On another occasion he referred to himself as a grand old tree that still produced some berries.

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