By Alexander Norman

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The entire tale of the Dalai Lamas

   His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama is understood to the realm for his efforts to maintain Tibetan tradition and for his inspiring non secular teachings. usually omitted, even if, is the lengthy, colourful background from which this such a lot cherished of holy males has emerged. In Secret Lives of the Dalai Lama, Alexander Norman tells this tale in complete for the 1st time, from Tibetan Buddhism’s foundational narratives to the present-day hindrance confronted by means of Tibet. 
   And what a narrative it really is. besides devoted clergymen selflessly serving the Tibetan humans, between His Holiness’s non secular forebears there are a Dalai Lama who waged wars, a womanizing and drunk poet, and several other who wound up lifeless following disputes over temporal energy. additionally, whereas Western practitioners concentrate on Tibetan Buddhism’s freeing imaginative and prescient of enlightenment, it concurrently comprises ritual practices of prophecy and magic, in addition to a shiny pantheon of deities and demons.
   In the top, even supposing Tibet falls in need of the Western myths of a Himalayan utopia, via illuminating the old fight towards compassion and selflessness embodied within the Dalai Lama lineage, Secret Lives of the Dalai Lama finally finds a fact that's enormously extra compelling than any romance of “Shangri-La” and gives deeper purposes for admiring Tibetan culture.

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In the Life we have a detailed account of the un­ pleasant and adventurous journey from the Chinese capital to the chief city of Kao-ch(ang. This city, we know, was in the district which is bow called Turfan and it is said to be represented by the modem Hm-chow ( 火 州 )otherwise Karakhojo. At the time of our pilgrim’s visit Kaoch‘ang was a thriving kingdom, and its king, though a vassal of China, was a powerful despot feared by the surrounding states. This king, whose name was Kiirwin* tai (趙 文 泰 )or as it is also given, Kiirka (嘉 ),had received Yuan-chuang on his arrival with great ceremony and kindness,had tried entreaty and flattery and even force to retain him, and had at last sent the pilgrim on his way with great honour, giying him presents and provisions and also letters of introduction to othjer sorereigns.

Here the word po in the first form does not seem to have any appropriate meaning, and the second form which means “to stop” or “anchor” is also unsatisfactory. From a paraphrase of the passage, how­ ever, we learn the meaning of the phrase, the words of the paraphrase being uthe sun and moon revolve along its waist” (日 月 週 薄 於 其 朦 )• The word po in this sense of “waisting” a hill is still used in the colloquial of some parts of China, but there does not seem to be any certain character to represent it in writing.

S 3 Sammitiya 4 „ Ka^yapiya „ „ , tras Dharm&guprsptras, Yinaya昏 3 &arY&8ti &din 3 ^ s s o p & A s m c e Yin-lun (Tre&tiss of Inference) sh§n lon (Eiymologieal treatises) J2 O9S0. 333333333^5 W0BX8 TBAK8LATKD BT^ 3 S ^s 657 CHAPTER n . THE INTRODUCTION. A t the beginning of Chiian I of the Records we have a long passage which, following Julien, we may call the Intro­ duction. In a note Julien tells us that “suivant les editeurs du Pien44ien, cette Introduction a et6 compose pax Tschangchoue (i.

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