By Sau-ling Cynthia Wong

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Every little thing Sauling Wong writes she writes with care, trouble, wit, tact, and a big appreciate for literary texts. This research is a vintage through now, and the extra "transnational" paintings past it might in simple terms renew its relevance and care. No diasporic opportunism may discover a domestic the following in such shut and worrying readings of the united states Asia/Pacific texts of worldliness and quest.

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8 The lesson to be learned from her downfall is more utilitarian than moral: irresponsible coupling results in an extra mouth to feed and will not be forgiven by the family. “My mother has told me once and for all the useful parts. She will add nothing unless powered by Necessity, a river bank hat guides her life” (6). THE CHILDREN OF NECESSITY In her children Brave Orchid expects an uncomplaining suppression of spontaneous sensory response for the sake of nutrient absorption: when she dismembers skunk in the kitchen, the children hold candy over their noses to mask the smell (106–107).

Sound as the blade slapped onto the linoleum floors, the wooden handle of the knife slamming into the corner” (340). The mother yells “Get out and go die! Useless Thing! ” The father threatens to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge (337). Toward their daughters the parents apply the same ruthless standard: they have to be “good for something,” namely, be able to bring money and “face” to the family, or else they are “rotten, no-good, dead [things]” (333). Fairytales notwithstanding, the magic number “three” means nothing: birth order only shapes one’s doom, and none of the daughters is blessed.

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