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It is not to help humanity that one opens a hospital or a school. All the same it has helped, hasn’t it? If all the schools were abolished... I don’t think that humanity is happier than it was before nor that there has been a great improvement. ” That’s what I call ambition. If these very people who are ready to give money for schools were told that there was a divine Work to be done, that the Divine has decided to do it in this particular way, even if they are convinced that it is indeed the Divine’s Work, they refuse to give anything, for this is not a recognised form of beneficence — one doesn’t have the satisfaction of having done something good!

But there are as many different kinds of nights and sleep as there are different days and activities. There are not many days that are alike, each day is different. The days are not the same, 38 6 May 1953 the nights are not the same. You and your friends are doing apparently the same thing, but for each one it is very different. And each one must have his own procedure. Why are two dreams never alike? Because all things are different. No two minutes are alike in the universe and it will be so till the end of the universe, no two minutes will ever be alike.

And other things still. For example, a mental poise; such that all possible ideas, even the most contradictory, may come from all sides without one’s being troubled. One can see them and put each in its place. That is mental poise. 23 22 April 1953 The following brief passage about sleep and dreams, is part of a longer, incompletely recorded talk. When one sleeps, how can one distinguish the nature of the visions? They do not leave the same impression at all. In order to know things well, one must educate oneself, develop the conscious being.

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