By G. J. Bernfeld, A. J. Bird, R. I. Edwards, Hartmut Köpf, Petra Köpf-Maier, Christoph J. Raub, W. A. M. te Riele, Franz Simon, Walter Westwood (auth.), Gary J. K. Acres, Kurt Swars (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3662102781

ISBN-13: 9783662102787

ISBN-10: 3662102803

ISBN-13: 9783662102800

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The eLuate obtained is usually not pure enough to allow direct production of metaL, and couLd onLy be considered as a partiaL purificationl concentration step. The use of resins to recover PGM from diLutesoLutions arising during the course of refining operations has received a great deaL of attention. While both strong base and weak base conventionaL resins have been used, the emphasis has been pLaced on the deveLopment of speciaL resins more seLective towards the PGM. These faLL into two cLasses: (1) CompLexing resins where the functionaL group is isothio-uronium or similar.

74-7921 [1974]; Can. 1036362 [1978] ; Fr. 74-40904 [1974]; Ger. 2459098 [1975]; S. S. 3979207 [1976]). [6] J. K. Shanton, R. A. Grant (Brit. 2013644 [1982]; Bophu. 79-0081 [1981]; Can. 112016 . [1982]; Fr. Appl. 79-01565 [1979]; Ger. 2901733 [1979]; S. S. Appl. 06-3287 [1979], 4331634 [1982]). - [7] R. A. Grant (Brit. 2065092 [1983]; Bophu . 80-0198 [1982] ; Can. 1164218 [1984]; Fr. 2472025 [1981]; Ger. 304195 [1981]; S. S. Appl. 06-213489 [1980], 4382067 [1983]). - [8] R. Edwards , M. J. Nattras (Brit.

These systems are in general very similar to the weak base systems. The chief differences are : (a) The extractant is always cationic, i. e. there is no "free base" and the extracted metal cannot be stripped by alkalis . (b) Correspondingly these extractants cannot form complexes with the extracted metals and their use is thus somewhat less prone to poisoning by irreversible extraction via complex formation . In other respects there is little difference in behaviour to that of the tertiary amine system and potentially they could be used in the same way.

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Pt Platinum: Supplement Volume A 1 Technology of Platinum-Group Metals by G. J. Bernfeld, A. J. Bird, R. I. Edwards, Hartmut Köpf, Petra Köpf-Maier, Christoph J. Raub, W. A. M. te Riele, Franz Simon, Walter Westwood (auth.), Gary J. K. Acres, Kurt Swars (eds.)

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