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4 1? - - - - - - - rv[ ,v[-------- - -1 - -1 . * i'. :T.. o. No. 7 The list is probably of prytaneis, with patronymics (p. 29, n. 1). The style of the lettering is the only evidence for the date. 8. Hesperia, II (1933), p. 498, no. 14. The thickness is original: unlike No. 13, the monument was a stele; hence it was smaller, and the list may have been part of a register of prytaneis following decrees. The large margin is unusual in any case. The lettering is of a kind which occurs from the 280's to the 230's.

160. The later clerk was of Phegaia, which can only be III; not II or III (Dow, Hesperia, III [1934], p. 189). j- /'':/ . i i. s ~ i . '. No. 1. ) observed for the two years 343/2 (I) and 335/4 (IX), is either a cycle abandoned before 327/6, or a mere coincidence. The reading of line 82 is perhaps none too clear; but quite definitely the letters fit no demotic of VII. 2. , II2, 656 with Addendum. c. AIGEIs. For a photograph of the lettering, see Kirchner, Imagines Inscriptionum Atticarum, no.

II2, 660, 696, 710, 712, 725, 741), is four letters too short. The space can be exactly filled by r6v yQapawrs'arov Sfj flovkrig,but that officer is unknown in this function since the fourth century, and is never, or very rarely, mentioned in this precise form (Ferguson, Secretaries, p. 8; Dinsmoor, Archons, p. 352). 2 The general period of the inscription is given by the designation of the board which paid for the stele, roisbgrl tit diotLXuet. This (plural) board paid for prytany inscriptions only in the period 288-263 (Dinsmoor, Archons, p.

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