By Peter Hofschroer

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Написанная экспертом по прусской армии наполеоновской эпохи, это увлекательное знакомство с эволюцией Прусских войск в 18-ом веке. Вплоть до заключительной битвы с наполеоновской армией

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At Altenzaun, Col Johann von Yorck – one of the most influential figures in the development of the Prussian light troops – commanded the Prussian rearguard of Jägers and fusiliers, and held up the French advance long enough for the main body of the Prussian army to withdraw over the Elbe river. (Richard Knötel; author’s collection) An impenetrable fog covered the horizon so that one could only see a few paces in front. The head of the column deploying was roughly towards Vierzehnheiligen, and when the final grenadier platoon of the right flank battalion had wheeled in this direction, the battalion halted, then marched off in line.

The ebb and flow of the battle was reflected in the tactical use of cavalry units, and the victor was normally the side that had the last formed reserve to commit to combat. THE ARTILLERY The 1812 Artillery Regulations also concentrated largely on how the guns were to be used in support of an infantry brigade, and there was no provision for the use of massed batteries in classic Napoleonic style. This was not an oversight, but simply a reflection of the reality – the shrunken Prussian army in 1812 could only operate as part of a larger alliance, and was not permitted an artillery reserve.

Com 37 carried out this manoeuvre, on the left flank of the Corps the brigades of General von Sanitz and General von Tauentzien were very heavily engaged with the enemy. After a short pause, we were ordered to move closer to the enemy. We moved off again, and part of the regiment passed by a [clump of bushes] in front of us. As we were to advance in echelon, each battalion wheeled to the left by about 40 paces and formed one echelon, with the entire line advancing [in the direction of] the enemy position on the heights of Closewitz until within artillery range, and halted under artillery fire while the echelons formed into a single line.

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