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Spread them as evenly as you can, probably not more than fifty to the square foot for Unless the bottom is very hard, the baby maximum growth. clams should have buried themselves in less than ten minutes. There may be some movement afterwards. Young clams have the ability to move about if they don’t like their quarters. They are much more mobile than older clams, partly because of their smaller bulk. and partly because their digging foot is proh bigger than that of a mature clam. especially stunted clams which have grown slowly because of inadequate water circulation, or because they set too high on the flat and were covered for only a short time during the tide, are much easier to handle since their shells are relatively hard.

The possibilities here are endless. In many areas sedge grass has encroached on areas which formerly were productive. The simple removal of this grass by dragline or bulldozer is, in many cases, all that is necessary to create a new clam bed or renew a former one. If the bottom is too soft when the grass is removed, the spreading of several inches of sharp sand and a settling period may be needed. In some areas the sedge grass removed will have to be carted off, which will run up the cost somewhat.

It should be noted here that while seed mussels may occur where there is any type of mussel culture, in the Netherlands. in France. in Spain. and on Cape Cod. most of the seed is gathered in natural spawning areas and transplanted to artificially created growing grounds. ‘~a/ Blue Mussels ,, ‘_ /#~ Ii I:a’ ! 4, 1 : ;, :\ Y If /J ; : I L I II _ iI PRECAWTIONS Three warnings about mussels: If you harvest “wild” mussels, either to be sold separately or to be mixed with your cultivated crop, take only those below mean low water, for two reasons.

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