By Annewies van den Hoek

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Those essays on overdue antiquity traverse a territory during which Christian and pagan imagery and practices compete, coexist, and intermingle. The iconography of the main major past due old ceramic, African purple Slip Ware, is a crucial and comparatively unexploited automobile for documenting the variety and interpenetration of past due old cultures. Literary texts and artwork in different media, relatively mosaics, supply imagery that supplement and improve the messages of the ceramics. renowned entertainments, pagan cults, mythic heroes, beasts, monsters, and biblical visions are topics handled at the patrician and renowned degrees. With interpretive supplementations from those assorted geographical regions, it really is attainable to accomplish larger perception into the lifestyles, attitudes, and regarded past due Antiquity.

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292–293): interior uariis ornatibus area ridet, / laeta super tectis et aperta luce serenis / frontibus atque infra niueis redimita columnis. / cuius in exposito praelucens cantharus extat, / quem cancellato tegit aerea culmine turris. / cetera dispositis stant uasa sub aere nudo / fonticulis, paulinus of nola, courtyards, and canthari: a second look 17 Courtyard 2 “On the other side opens up an exterior court (area), which is equally surrounded by porticoes, less ornate but more spacious. ”19 Courtyard 1 “How well has it changed its appearance.

One is a courtyard that can be identified as located between the churches and is still extant (fig. 1); we designate this inner courtyard as Courtyard 1. Another is an outer courtyard, or possibly a system of courtyards, whose location has not yet been identified by excavations. We designate this as Courtyard 2. Since these descriptions are important both for the interpretation of some pro foribus opere signetur. nam et nostri corporis templum quadriiugo stabilimento una euangelii fides sustinet et, cum ex eo gratia, qua renascimur, fluat et in eo Christus, quo uiuimus, reueletur, profecto nobis in quattuor uitae columnas illic aquae salientis in uitam aeternam fons nascitur nosque ab interno rigat et feruet in nobis, si tamen possimus dicere uel sentire mereamur habere nos cor ardens in uia, quod Christo nobiscum inambulante flammatur.


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