By Geoffrey A. Lindsay and Kenneth D. Singer (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 084121526X

ISBN-13: 9780841215269

ISBN-10: 0841232636

ISBN-13: 9780841232631

content material: Second-order nonlinear optical polymers : an summary / Geoffrey A. Lindsay --
layout and houses of high-temperature second-order optical chromophores / R.F. Shi, S. Yamada, M.H. Wu, Y.M. Cai, O. Zamani-Khamiri, and A.F. Garito --
Hyperpolarizabilities of push-pull polyenes : molecular orbital and valence-bond charge-transfer versions / J.W. Perry, S.R. Marder, F. Meyers, D. Lu, G. Chen, W.A. Goddard, III, J.L. Brédas, and B.M. Pierce --
Solvent results at the molecular quadratic hyperpolarizabilites / I.D.L. Albert, S. di Bella, D.R. Kanis, T.J. Marks, and M.A. Ratner --
Characterization of nonlinear optical chromophores in answer / Christopher R. Moylan, Robert D. Miller, Robert J. Twieg, and Victor Y. Lee --
Experimental and theoretical research of the second-order optical houses of the chromophore retinal and its derivatives : modeling the bacteriorhodopsin binding pocket / E. Hendrickx, C. Dehu, okay. Clays, J.L. Brédas, and A. Persoons --
layout and synthesis of thermally solid chromophores with low absorption at equipment working wavelengths / Susan Ermer, Steven M. Lovejoy, and Doris S. Leung --
Thermally solid nonlinear optical moiety-doped polyimides for photonic units / H.K. Kim, H.J. Lee, M.H. Lee, S.K. Han, H.Y. Kim, K.H. Kang, Y.H. Min, and Y.H. gained --
layout and synthesis of a polar dipyrromethene dye / M.B. Meinhardt, P.A. Cahill, T.C. Kowalczyk, and K.D. Singer --
High-temperature nonlinear polyimides for [chi]⁽²⁾ purposes / R.D. Miller, D.M. Burland, M. Jurich, V.Y. Lee, C.R. Moylan, R.J. Twieg, J. Thackara, T. Verbiest, W. Volksen, and C.A. Walsh --
hugely effective and thermally solid second-order nonlinear optical chromophores and electrooptic polymers / Alex K.-Y. Jen, Varanasi Pushkara Rao, and Jayaraman Chandrasekhar --
innovations of ultrastructure synthesis correct to the fabrication of electrooptic modulators / L.R. Dalton, B. Wu, A.W. Harper, R. Ghosn, Y. Ra, Z. Liang, R. Montgomery, S. Kalluri, Y. Shi, W.H. Steier, and Alex K.-Y. Jen --
improvement of functionalized polyimides for second-order nonlinear optics / Dong Yu, Zhonghua Peng, Ali Gharavi, and Luping Yu --
Advances in main-chain syndioregic nonlinear optical polymers / J.D. Stenger-Smith, R.A. Henry, A.P. Chafin, L.H. Merwin, R.A. Nissan, R.Y. Yee, M.P. Nadler, G.A. Lindsay, L.M. Hayden, S. Brower, N. Mokal, D. Kokron, W.N. Herman, and P. Ashley --
Second-order nonlinear optical interpenetrating polymer networks / S. Marturunkakul, J.I. Chen, L. Li, X.L. Jiang, R.J. Jeng, S.K. Sengupta, J. Kumar, and S.K. Tripathy --
fragrant heterocyclic jewelry as energetic elements within the layout of second-order nonlinear optical chromophores / Bruce A. Reinhardt, Ram Kannan, Jay C. Bhatt, Jarek Zieba, and Paras N. Prasad --
Nonlinear optical houses of poly(1,4-phenylenevinylene) and its derivatives / Jung-Il Jin and Hong-Ku Shim --
All-optical poling of polymers for phase-matched frequency doubling / J.M. Nunzi, C. Fiorini, F. Charra, F. Kajzar, and P. Raimond --
Photo-induced poling of polar azo dyes in polymeric movies : towards second-order purposes / Z. Sekkat, E.F. Aust, and W. Knoll --
choice of the second one harmonic coefficients of birefringent poled polymers / Warren N. Herman and L. Michael Hayden --
Stark spectroscopy as a device for the characterization of poled polymers for nonlinear optics / M.I. Barnik, L.M. Blinov, T. Weyrauch, S.P. Palto, A.A. Tevosov, and W. Haase --
Pyroelectrical research of nonlinear optical polymers with uniform or patterned dipole orientation / S. Bauer, S. Bauer-Gogonea, Ş. Ylmaz, W. Wirges, and R. Gerhard-Multhaupt --
Quantitative, rational predictions of the long term temporal decay homes of second-order nonlinear optical polymers from the research of leisure dynamics / Ali Dhinojwala, Jacob C. Hooker, and John M. Torkelson --
Optical harm in nonlinear optical polymer waveguides / ok. track, M. Mortazavi, and H. Yoons --
Polyimides for electrooptic purposes / P. Kaatz, P. Prêtre, U. Meier, P. Günter, B. Zysset, M. Anlheim, M. Stähelin, and F. Lehr --
Electrooptic cardo-type polymers with excessive glass-transition temperatures / Chengjiu Wu, Charles Knapp, Victor Lu, Michael J. McFarland, Ajay Nahata, Jianhui Shan, and James T. Yardley --
Nonlinear optical job leisure energetics in a polyether thermoplastic nonlinear optical polymer with a excessive glass-transition temperature / Robert J. Gulotty, Claude D. corridor, Michael J. Mullins, Anthony P. Haag, Stephen E. Bales, Daniel R. Miller, Charles A. Berglund, Marabeth S. LaBarge, Andrew J. Pasztor, Jr., Mark A. Chartier, and Kimberly A. probability --
Guest-host cross-linked polyimides for built-in optics / T.C. Kowalczyk, T.Z. Kosc, K.D. Singer, A.J. Beuhler, D.A. Wargowski, P.A. Cahill, C.H. Seager, and M.B. Meinhardt --
Bifunctional dyes for cross-linked nonlinear optical polymers / Kenneth M. White, Elisa M. pass, Cecil V. Francis, and Robert S. Moshrefzadeh --
Integration of electrooptic polymers in optoelectronic units / R. Lytel, A.J. Ticknor, and G.F. Lipscomb --
Polymer electrooptic waveguide fabrication / M. Ziari, A. Chen, S. Kalluri, W.H. Steier, Y. Shi, W. Wang, D. Chen, and H.R. Fetterman --
Advances in natural polymer-based optoelectronics / R. Levenson, J. Liang, C. Rossier, R. Hierle, E. Toussaere, N. Bouadma, and J. Zyss --
Electrooptic polymer Mach-Zehnder modulators : high-speed analog and electronic issues / D.G. Girton, W.W. Anderson, J.F. Valley, T.E. Van Eck, L.J. Dries, J.A. Marley, and S. Ermer --
moment harmonic iteration via counter-directed guided waves in poled polymer waveguides / A. Otomo, G.I. Stegeman, W. Horsthuis, and G. Möhlmann --
moment harmonic femtosecond pulse iteration in nonlinear polymer thin-film buildings / Andrew Dienes, Erkin Sidick, Richard A. Hill, and André Knoesen --
Periodic area inversion in skinny nonlinear optical polymer movies for moment harmonic iteration / G. Khanarian and M.A. Mortazavi --
Cascading of second-order nonlinearities : options, fabrics, and units / William E. Torruellas, Dug Y. Kim, Matthias Jaeger, Gijs Krijnen, Roland Schiek, George I. Stegeman, Petar Vidakovic, and Joseph Zyss.

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As can be seen in Figure 3 there is a very good correlation between the converged sum-over-states calculation (30 states) and that of the two level model. Examination of the dependence of (l/£„e) and /i on BOA reveal that they both peak near the cyanine-limit (Figure 3), thus providing insight into the dependence of a on BOA. ge e 2 ? ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1995. ch003 PERRY ET AL. Hyperpolarizabilities ofPush-Pull Polyenes Figure 1. Valence-bond and charge-separated resonance structures for (CH ) N-(CH=CH) -CHO.

De/dC is obtained in the process of ground state dipole moment measurement, where the capacitance, and thereby the dielectric constant of the solution is measured as a function of concentration. 3n /3C is normally obtained by measuring the concentration dependence of the solution refractive index. ch002 2 ac = si? dc 1 V *r 31I V a C L J where is the corresponding wavelength for the first transition energy of the chromophore. It was found that one can simply use the following equation for data analysis: 1 3 3 V " 2 6 dx(-2,a>,0) * % H<7(-2a);a),a)0)> =-5-(-f-) (-^-) [-| ]— , N n^ 2 4+2 (n* 2)e 3C where 1^ is the ground state dipole moment, | \ is the vector part of P , is the isotropically averaged y^, and N is the Avagadro's number.

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