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Poetry discovered in Nature exhibits Coleridge's procedure at paintings and, extra regularly, explores German philosophical technological know-how, Naturphilosophie, and the family members among technology and romantic inspiration. It combines a biographical process with highbrow heritage, reconstructing Coleridge's resourceful firm around the entire variety of the actual and existence sciences. Coleridge strove for coherence in all nation-states of inspiration, and so the ways that he explored clinical rules light up all facets of his inquiring spirit. He sought self-knowledge, which required an information of guy and brain on the subject of nature and God. there has been, as a result, an intimate dating among his theology and philosophy, and his rules in regards to the flora and fauna. technology functioned as a touchstone in his philosophy, hence not directly reinforcing his theology. the tips he derived from technology additionally bore at once on his severe doctrines, together with the speculation of mind's eye.

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Coleridge was anxious lest Davy's chemical researches might have exposed him to unwholesome influences. " Personal sympathy and solicitude were still the mainsprings of Coleridge's interest in chemistry. When William Calvert, whose brother had left Wordsworth a legacy, proposed to set up a chemistry laboratory in the Lakes, and to study chemistry there with Wordsworth and Coleridge, Coleridge was enchanted. Here at last was an opportunity of learning chemistry and thus of sharing more closely in Davy's work.

To Tom Poole, tanner, democrat, and by now a regular confidant, he set out his plans, reduced to two —. The first impracticable — the second [to become a Unitarian minister] not likely to succeed — Plan 1st. — I am studying German, & in about six weeks shall be able to read that language with tolerable fluency. Now I have some thoughts of making a proposal to Robinson, the great London Bookseller, of translating all the works [of] Schiller, . . on the conditions that he should pay my Journey & wife's to 8c from Jena, a cheap German University where Schiller resides - 8c allow me two guineas each Quarto Sheet — which would maintain me —.

The schemes that Coleridge did propose were mutable, functioning heuristically rather than dogmatically. 14 With personal experience of the dangers of abstract thought, Coleridge was doubly drawn to the individual facts of experience. A metaphysical dream castle could be brought down to earth by asking whether it was valid for horses or dogs. A scheme of powers could be invalidated by the results of a single chemical analysis. And a system of philosophy that failed to account for the experience of facts was at best inadequate.

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