By Philo, F. H. Colson

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The thinker Philo was once born approximately 20 BCE to a well-known Jewish kinfolk in Alexandria, the manager domestic of the Jewish Diaspora in addition to the manager heart of Hellenistic tradition; he used to be educated in Greek in addition to Jewish studying. In trying to reconcile biblical teachings with Greek philosophy he constructed principles that had huge impression on Christian and Jewish non secular inspiration. The Loeb Classical Library version of the works of Philo is in ten volumes and vitamins, dispensed as follows. quantity I: construction; Interpretation of Genesis II and III. II: at the Cherubim; The Sacrifices of Abel and Cain; the more serious assaults the higher; The Posterity and Exile of Cain; at the Giants. III: The Unchangeableness of God; On Husbandry; Noah's paintings as a Planter; On Drunkenness; On Sobriety. IV: The Confusion of Tongues; The Migration of Abraham; The inheritor of Divine issues; at the initial stories. V: On Flight and discovering; swap of Names; On goals. VI: Abraham; Joseph; Moses. VII: The Decalogue; On specified legislation Books I–III. VIII: On unique legislation booklet IV; at the Virtues; Rewards and Punishments. IX: each stable guy Is loose; The Contemplative lifestyles; The Eternity of the area; opposed to Flaccus; Apology for the Jews; On windfall. X: at the Embassy to Gaius; indexes. complement I: questions about Genesis. II: questions about Exodus; index to vitamins.

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I have often myself seen pretty little slave girls with a natural gift for wheedling words, who with these two sources of strength, beauty of face and charm of speech, stormed the hearts of their owners. For these two are engines of attack against souls with no ballast or stability, engines mightier than all the machines constructed to demolish walls. This is shown by the way in which their owners court 39 them, supplicate them, eagerly beg their favours, as though they were praying to fortune or some good genius.

To these, as on a balance his mind pre­ serves its equipoise, trained neither to surrender to them in acknowledgement of their superiof weight, nor yet to regard them with hostility, as deserving aversion. Whence it is clear that he does nothing a b b Philo cannot o f course mean *' that he does not do in­ different actions," and we must understand βιασθίντα πράτT€LV. Ambrose's paraphrase " indifferentibus ita non movetur ut nullis momentis . . inclinetur " looks as if he read something else (?

243. 27 6 c d PHILO τουτί τοϋνομα έπεφήμισεν, ει γε εκείνοι ποιμαίνονται τ ό πλέον ή ποιμαίνουσιν—άκρατος γάρ αυτούς άγει καΐ εύμορφία πεμματά τε καϊ δφα και τά μαγείρων και σιτοποιών ήδύσματα, Ινα τάς αργύρου και χρυσού και τών σεμνότερων επιθυμίας παραλείπω—, τοΐς δ ' υπ* ούδενός συμβέβηκε δελεάζεσθαι, νουθετεΐν δέ και όσους αν αΐσθωνται πάγαις ηδονής άλισκομένους, 32 V I . "Οτι δ ' ούχ αί ύπηρεσίαι μηνύματ' είσι δουλείας, εναργέστατη πίστις οί πόλεμοΐ' τους γάρ στρατευόμενους ίδεΐν έστιν αυτουργούς απαντάς, ου μόνον τάς πανοπλίας κομίζοντας, ά λ λ α και όσα προς τήν άναγκαίαν χρήσιν υποζυγίων τρόπον έπηχθιομένους, εΐτ έφ' ύδρείαν έζιόντας και φρυ33 γανισμόν και χιλόν κτήνεσι, τά γάρ προς τους εχθρούς εν ταΐς στρατείαις τι δει μακρηγορεΐν, τάφρους άνατεμνόντων ή τείχη κατασκευαζόντων ή τριήρεις ναυπηγούμενων ή όσα υπουργίας ή τέχνης πάντα χερσι και τω άλλω σώματι ύπηρε34 τούντων, έστι δέ τις και κατ* είρήνην πόλεμος τών έν τοΐς οπλοις ούκ άποδέων, όν άδοζία και πενία και δεινή σπάνις τών αναγκαίων συγκροτοΰσιν, ύφ* ου βιασθέντες έγχειρεΐν και τοΐς δονλοπρεπεστάτοις αναγκάζονται, σκάπτοντες, γεωπονοϋντες, βάναυσους έπιτηδεύοντες τέχνας, ° §§ 32-40.

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Philo, Volume IX: Every Good Man is Free. On the Contemplative Life. On the Eternity of the World. Against Flaccus. Apology for the Jews. On Providence by Philo, F. H. Colson

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