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Several bilateral and multilateral organizations, including the World Bank, support the objectives and the work of this Task Force. The main objectives of the regional cooperation and partnership program is to develop and strengthen the commitment of key policy makers to support the removal of lead from gasoline; design and implement supporting policies; and build public awareness of the impacts of lead and the proper use of unleaded gasoline. A mechanism is needed to build a consensus among government agencies, industries and public organizations in each country.

In most cases, it can be also carried out at relatively low cost, making it a cost-effective measure to mitigate the public health damage caused by lead. Based on the experience in other countries, calculations show that benefits of the complete removal of lead from gasoline are expected to exceed the costs by a large margin in CEE countries. These benefits include improved health conditions that result in savings in educational and medical costs, reduced mortality, and improved productivity resulting in higher lifetime earning.

A regional cooperation among countries in CEE, in partnership with bilateral and multilateral donor organizations could create positive synergies and facilitate the acceleration of lead phase-out. The cooperation would enable CEE countries to (i) carry out joint activities; (ii) share experiences and information; (iii) design programs that address the main obstacles of lead phase-out; and (iv) provide targeted technical assistance to countries which are less advanced in the lead phase-out process.

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