By Silvija Jestrovic, Yana Meerzon

ISBN-10: 0230574564

ISBN-13: 9780230574564

This choice of essays investigates dramatic and performative renderings of 'America' as an exilic position, investigating how 'America' and exile are imagined, challenged and theatricalized within the works of varied theatre artists within the mild of the present politic weather within the united states.

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163) He had hoped that, by returning, “Trooper O’Hara can wipe the slate clean and go back to being what he was” (162); that he could “say something to her, I could do something kinder”. But the girl, as Mo reminds him, is “dead thirty years” (163). The play ends with the raid on the train, and the shooting of Trooper. Dying, Trooper sees “that shining hawthorne”, a landscape from his childhood; crouching beside him, Mo talks to him until he dies, saying “You sleep, Trooper … Look, Trooper – Ireland” (167).

1 Map: “Ireland: Famine, Misery, Poverty”; “America: Hope, Wealth, Opportunity”. Courtesy of Derry City Council, Heritage and Museum Service. It is in this confluence of the banal (potatoes) and the fabulous (lumps of gold) that the Irish dream of America emerges. 4 This promised wealth appears in the dramas as the promise of personal transformation of the individual into a successful professional and a great lover, imbuing him with eloquence and sophistication. The circumstances that will allow this transformation, however, are expressed in terms of the banal and the material: air conditioners, ice-boxes, elevators, and private bathrooms.

Rouner. The Longing for Home. Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame Press, 1996: 17–29. com - licensed to Taiwan eBook Consortium - PalgraveConnect - 2011-03-02 This page intentionally left blank The Land of Air-Conditioning and Opportunity: America on the Irish Stage Lisa Fitzpatrick University of Ulster Introduction: constructing emigration as exile In her essay, Daughters of Colony, Irish poet Eavan Boland recounts a story her mother heard as a small child, from an old woman. This woman had survived the Irish Famine of 1846–52, when an estimated one million people died of starvation and a further million emigrated to Canada, the United States, and England:1 She had dragged though the hunger, the emigration, the aftershock.

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Performance, Exile and 'America' (Studies in International Performance) by Silvija Jestrovic, Yana Meerzon

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