By Britt Mosegard Hansen

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ISBN-13: 9781865843834

The principal goal of this research is to explain the character of the semantics / pragmatics contrast in either synchrony and diachrony. the writer proposes a definition of semantics and pragmatics that's orthogonal to the query of truth-conditionality, and discusses the prestige of assorted forms of which means with recognize to this definition. A corollary target of the examine is to suggest an account of the way and why erstwhile pragmatically-determined components of that means could, during time, turn into semanticized. the character, paths, and mechanisms of diachronic feel adjustments of the proper style, in addition to the motivations for them, are mentioned in a few element. the writer combines insights from diverse resources, prominently frame-based semantics, ancient pragmatics, and Peircean semiotics, to reach at a version of linguistic which means that's either synchronically and diachronically dynamic, as a result in a position to integrating constitution and utilization. As a case examine, the synchronic makes use of and diachronic evolution of the exceedingly polyfunctional French phasal adverbs deja ('already'), encore ('still/yet'), toujours ('still'), and enfin ('finally') are analyzed in a few aspect, with specific realization being paid to the semantic vs pragmatic nature of many of the makes use of of these things. The publication may be of curiosity to lexical semanticists, pragmaticians, ancient linguists, functional/cognitive linguists, discourse analysts, and semioticians.

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The war lasted three years. In frame semantic terms, presuppositions are seen as obligatory elements of the frames evoked by certain lexicogrammatical triggers. The fact that they can be explicitly denied, as in (80) above, can be explained by assuming that speakers can choose to deny, not just items in a 19 All three examples, of course, also presuppose both that the proper name George W. Bush has a referent, and that George W. Bush had, for some period prior to topic time, been President of the United States.

I was going to suggest I chop some fire wood. [In a café at 10am] A. Do you want a croissant with your coffee? B. I had breakfast just an hour ago. A. OK, I’ll just order one for myself, then. This difference in cognitive status may explain why, in Levinson’s (1995, 2000) systematization of the notion of GCI, it is assumed that no GCI can be based on the maxim of quality: that maxim has to do with what is true and false about the world, and such matters will typically be part of the communicative foreground.

In cases like (85), the presupposition that John has children does hold – not in the real world, to be sure, but in the hypothetical discourse model set up by the antecedent clause. 4 Summary In this section, I have discussed three types of meaning that are particularly relevant to the semantics / pragmatics interface. Indeed, the status of two of these types of meaning, namely conventional implicatures and presuppositions, has been controversial for some time. I defined conversational implicatures as the only ones of these elements of meaning which are truly pragmatic, and I further argued that they differ in cognitive status, GCI being backgrounded, while PCI are foregrounded.

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