By Barbara A. Somervill

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ISBN-13: 9781591870463

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Spongy, wildflower seeds. Next spring, nagoonberry shrubs sprout green moss grows you could have Arctic poppies, near streams and ponds. Their in wet areas, such lupines, or fireweed growing fruit feeds birds, bears, and as bogs or marshes. right outside your door. hares. Animals spread berry Sedges look like seeds in their feces. wild grass. They grow in thick Bearberry, crowberry, and The most common tun- clumps, which protect fragile 55 [Flora] roots from the cold. Lichens gnarly, dwarfed trees to bril- grow extremely slowly, but liant wildflowers and dusty there are plenty of them.

He stands MALE) the head or leading male of a group of marmots Marmots, like pikas, are important members of the tundra community. They provide food for prey and distribute plant seeds. 43 Hoary marmots in Denali National Park, Alaska, form part of the complex cycle of life in tundra environments. predators is a quick exit into a dozen or so animals. If their burrow. food is scarce, they live in Marmots live where 44 small families that consist alpine meadows provide food of a male, female, and recent and rocky slopes offer protec- young.

In turn, these healthy vole and lemming plump rodent mothers give populations provide food for [Predators] the owl family. Without Siberia’s five extra warm days, it would normally take a breeding pair of snowy owls two years to produce and raise seven healthy fledgling owlets. Snowy owls are birds of prey. They eat animals. Unlike most other owls, snowy owls PROFILE: GYRFALCONS hunt in daylight. Successful Gyrfalcons are the largest falcons. These hunts at dawn and dusk feed aggressive hunters may be white, light hungry mouths.

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